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While Windows’s support for power management has evolved over the years, the new emphasis on highly portable computing in Windows 8 has triggered the development of an excellent new power management mode called Connected Standby. This mode isn’t generally available on PCs created before 2012 and is designedfor new, highly portable devices that will only rarely be turned off. In other words, it works much like power management on a modern smartphone.. Figure 2-12: Windows and app settings [Картинка: i_025.jpg]. Sometimes, of course, Microsoft does get it right. In Windows 7, for example, there was a feature called Start Menu Search, which we liked quite a bit. In Windows 8, this has been replaced by something we’d be inclined to call Start Screen Search, which will make a lot more sense once you see it in action. But Microsoft’s name for this feature, which it has retroactively applied to the Windows 7 feature as well, is Start Search. And you know what? That works just fine, since it’s clear and obvious, and simpler. Ultimately, we’re just trying to be pragmatic here.. Regardless of which version of Windows you’re talking about, the shell is both the look and feel of this OS—the user interface or experience—and the part of Windows that controls how things look and work. It is responsible for the controls—buttons, windows, tabs, and so on—that make up the environment as well as their behaviors.. Of course, with the move to a Metro-like user experience, Windows 8 users will need to deal with a few Metro-related nuances when it comes to working with classic desktop applications. And the big two, in our experience, involve file associations and the pinning of applications to the Metro-style Start screen.Desktop Applications and File Associations. With a mouse, move the mouse cursor in the lower-right corner of the screen and click the tiny semantic zoom button, which can be seen in Figure 5-16. This tiny button will immediately place the screen into semantic zoom view as well.. As discussed at the beginning of this book, we consider these apps to be a key part of the full, or complete, Windows 8 experience. The good news is that they’re readily available from Windows Store. And all of them are free. So if they’re not available in your copy of Windows 8 for some reason, you can find them here.. If you manually launch the People app, you’ll be presented with the app’s main view, which lists all of your contacts in two groups. If you’ve configured any contacts as favorites, as described a bit later, those contacts will appear on the left.. • Photos: A collection of the contact’s photos, culled from one or more accounts.. Some calendar solutions refer to events as“appointments.” The terms are interchangeable.. • Slide show: This button triggers a slideshow of the photos contained in the folder that contains the picture you’re currently viewing.. If you’re in a pinch, Microsoft Paint, included in Windows 8, also provides some basic photo-editing features.. Doing More with Music. Figure 10-7: Filtering the Games category by subcategory [Картинка: i_348.jpg]. Like a smartphone, Windows 8 actually supports a useful Airplane Mode toggle that instantly disables all of the wireless (Wi-Fi and cellular data) connections in your PC or device without requiring you to fumble with multiple interfaces, as you did in previous Windows versions..