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But what about mouse or touch users? Your muscle memory is telling you to tap the Start button. But the Start button is gone.. Figure 4-31: A Metro-style notification toast appears the first time you plug in a USB storage device. [Картинка: i_110.jpg]. We discussed how you can pin any application to the Metro-style Start screen earlier in the chapter. What you might not realize, however, is that Windows 8 automatically pins application shortcuts to the Start search for you. This happens when you install any classic desktop application, and depending on the application, it can get ugly.. Thanks to the dynamic nature of its new apps platform, the Metro-style apps that Microsoft includes with Windows 8/RT will change over time, so it’s highly likely that this app will appear somewhat differently over time and will include additional features. This is normal, and as a general statement, it’s probably fair to say that the version of Windows Store you use will provide a superset of the functionality we describe in this chapter.. Click App updates to manually check for app updates.. Where IE Metro and Desktop Meet… and Don’t. If you’d rather use the desktop version of IE 10 as the default browser and not IE 10 Metro, you can do so by accessing Internet Options from within IE 10 desktop as described earlier in the chapter. Then navigate to the Programs tab and change the Choose how you open links option to Always in InternetExplorer in the desktop.. You can also install the SkyDrive application for the Windows desktop and view and manage your SkyDrive-based storage from there.. Do so, and you’ll be presented with the full-screen interface shown in Figure 9-17. Here, you can determine which photos to acquire and what the folder name that contains them will be.. Windows has always included at least a handful of casual games, most notably the now-classic Minefield and Solitaire. But with the switch to immersive, full-screen, Metro-style experiences in Windows 8, Microsoft is likewise moving its game efforts into this environment. So the new game experiences in this release are tailored to Metro and are largely

designed around the multi-touch interactions that will be common on tablets and other touch-screen devices.. Xbox LIVE games for Windows Phone, and Xbox LIVE Arcade titles, which tend to be shorter and much less expensive than normal Xbox LIVE titles, typically provide 200 achievement points that can be spread out over up to 12 individual achievements. Retail Xbox LIVE games for the Xbox 360 and Windows 8 typically provide 1,000 achievement points, which can occur over as many as 50 individual achievements. But Microsoft has also expanded the achievement points system for those game makers that wish to support their games with add-on packs that extend gameplay and provide new features. For those games, it’s possible to have as many as 1,750 achievement points, over as many as three separate add-on packs.. • Using Push Button Reset to reset or refresh your PC. Click the link titled Create a new pool and storage space. After a User Account Control prompt—you don’t want the commoners mucking around with storage, now—you’ll be presented with the display shown in Figure 11-4. Here, Storage Spaces has found a single viable disk and is offering to let you use this device to create a new storage pool.. On the face of things, a topic like storage, backup, and recovery doesn’t seem very exciting. But here’s an amazing fact: Of all the new features and functionality in Windows 8, our two favorite, by far—Storage Spaces and Push Button Reset—are covered in this chapter. What a turn of events.. There’s not a heck of a lot to do here. Configured properly, Defender’s real-time protection against viruses and malware will be enabled, and its virus and malware definitions—part of its ability to detect errant software—should be up to date. You can manually update the definitions from the Update tab, but it’s unlikely there’s an issue here unless the PC has been offline for weeks or longer..

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