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All-in-one computers, like the one shown in Figure 1-5, are typically very attractive, with a sleek and modern design.. • Managing classic desktop applications. If you enjoy creating your own libraries, Windows 8 does have a new feature where you can customize a library’s icon to any icon in the system, offering a much more personalized look.. Like other Metro-style apps, Internet Explorer 10 does provide a so-called edge UI that is accessed by swiping toward the middle of the screen from the top or bottom edge. (Mouse users can right-click any blank area of the browser’s surface to trigger this interface, while keyboard users should learn the Winkey + Z shortcut.) When you access this edge UI, the browser will resemble Figure 7-6.. Figure 7-13: Modern websites are often difficult to read on portable devices like those running Windows 8. [Картинка: i_211.jpg]. Here are a few things to note about this functionality.. First, there’s no centralized, linked inbox view as there is on Windows Phone and other mobile e-mail clients. Instead, each account is accessed separately, with its own inbox and set of folders. So if you are using multiple accounts, you can jump back and forth through the Accounts pane.. But the other sources, Facebook, Flickr, and your connected PCs, may or may not be configured and available. If you took the time to associate your Facebook account with your Microsoft account, this source will be set up and ready to go. But if not, you can do so now from within Photos. And the process for configuring this account to work with Photos is similar to that for Flickr, which has to be performed manually regardless of how you’ve configured your Microsoft account. So let’s examine that first.Configuring Facebook or Flickr Photos. What you can’t do, of course, is configure other photo acquisition options, and this is why we noted previously that you may want to review your options first. Photos doesn’t let you name the acquired photos to your liking (unless you happen to like the default, which is to use awful, camera-based names). And it doesn’t let you choose whether to delete the photos from the device once they’re acquired. (They are not deleted.). The Games group in the Windows Store supports more subcategories than any other category: Action, Adventure, Arcade, Card, Casino, Family, Kids, Music, Puzzle, Racing, Role Playing Shooter, Simulation, Sports, and Strategy. As you can see in Figure 10-7, filtering the view to show just a single subcategory really cleans up the display.. Getting Ready for Storage Spaces. Your PC will restart and undergo the process of setting aside your personal settings, data, and apps, reinstalling Windows, and reapplying those items back to the new install. This will occur over your device’s firmware screen or, on a traditional PC, on a screen that resembles the Windows boot animation.. When you’re connected to the Internet with just a metered connection, Windows 8 changes its behavior to be less data hungry. For example, Windows Update will not automatically download updates in the background, even if you have Auto Updates enabled (as you should). There’s no exception to this: If Microsoft feels that a security update is particularly important, it will enable the downloading of that fix regardless of the connection type.. To connect to a virtual machine, you’ll need to select the server first. This can be a bit tiresome; if you don’t see the server name in the top drop-down list (named Server), choose the option called Browse for more, then click Advanced and then Find Now to search the local network for Hyper-V servers.. But we want to hear from you either way. We view this book in the same way we do our own websites and other work, as a conversation about technology between people who are truly interested in learning more, always. And that includes us. If we did something right or screwed up something terribly, please, do let us know..