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Put simply, the File Explorer ribbon is something that new users should leave displayed until they’re comfortable with the new interface. But power users will likely want to keep it hidden and enjoy the simpler interface afforded by this configuration.NOTE. Figure 4-28: When a file is in rename mode, its name appears highlighted. [Картинка: i_107.jpg]. To disable the lock screen, you’ll need to run the Local Group Policy Editor, an old-school management interface that’s been in Windows for years but hidden so that normal users don’t stumble across it by mistake. To find the Local Group Policy Editor, use Start Search, and search forgpedit.msc; it will pop up in the Apps list and resemble Figure 5-6 when running.. • Account name: The name of the account as it appears in Mail. (Mail chooses generic names like Hotmail and Exchange by default.). The People chooser is very interesting, because it connects to whatever Metro-style apps that have registered with the system to provide access to contacts, or the People app by default. But as more such apps become available, you’ll be able to choose contacts from those apps, too, using the drop-down control to the right of the People title in the chooser.. In Chapter 8, we discussed how many of Windows 8’s productivity apps are simple clients for online services provided by Microsoft and other companies. As such, you must sign in to your Microsoft account to access many of these apps, even if you’ve elected—against our advice—to not automatically do so by signing in to the PC with a Microsoft account.. • Timer: This button acts as a toggle. When selected, the next photo or video you take will be preceded by a 3-second countdown, giving you time, perhaps, to jump into the frame.. As you can see in Figure 9-19, this application provides print-, e-mail-, and disc burning-based ways to share photos and a handy but simple slideshow feature courtesy of that large button in the lower middle of the window.. Then start typing in a search term, perhaps an artist, album, or song name, and the Search experience will often supply suggestions as you type. You can see an example of this in Figure 9-36, and search results appear right in the Xbox Music app, giving you a way to dig deeper into your favorite music.. In the years since creating this weird offshoot of Xbox LIVE, Microsoft also created the Windows Phone platform, which debuted in 2010. One of the major features of that platform was an integrated version of Xbox LIVE.. Figure 10-14: Xbox Games [Картинка: i_355.jpg]. With Windows 8 aimed squarely at a Metro-styled future, it’s no wonder that the new Windows 8 game experiences are Metro-based as well. This version of Windows offers a stunning array of games of all kinds through the Windows Store, provides handy organizational features for those who wish to access their favorite games from the Start screen, and of course it integrates with Microsoft’s market-leading Xbox LIVE service for the first time, offering access to the full range of gaming and entertainment services that Microsoft previously provided only on its Xbox 360 console. There are also fun hooks in Windows 8 for controlling the Xbox 360 and finding content that can be played to the console, with your Windows 8 device acting like a big and sophisticated remote control.. You can bypass this limitation by entering the credentials for an administrator account. You do so using a feature called User Account Control, which we’ll examine later in this chapter.. If you’ve purchased a modern Windows 8 PC or device, especially a portable computer such as a laptop, Ultrabook, tablet, or hybrid PC, chances are good that it came with at least a SIM module, which would allow you to later add a SIM card and associated data plan from your wireless carrier of choice and use that connectivity to access the Internet on the go.. • BitLocker works in conjunction with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security hardware in some PCs to provide a more secure solution than is possible with a software-only encryption routine. No hacker will defeat a BitLocker-protected hard disk..