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• Using new Windows Setup features. Figure 3-14: Power options [Картинка: i_054.jpg]. • Snap the next app: Windows 8 supports a unique side-by-side screen-sharing mode called Snap. It can be engaged using this swipe gesture, but is important enough that we describe it separately later in the chapter.. Figure 5-15: Semantic zoom [Картинка: i_138.jpg]. In case it’s not obvious, all desktop themes designed for Windows 7 still work the same with Windows 8, too.. Consider the Windows 8 share contract. Through this system-level service, apps can engage in two-way conversations without ever knowing what app is on the other side. The canonical example is sharing a web page via e-mail: Internet Explorer 10 for Metro supports one part of this contract—the ability to share an item, in this case a web page, with another app—and the Mail app supports the other part—the ability to receive a share request. This is a powerful feature because it’s available to any Metro-style apps, and developers never need to know anything about the app that is on the other side of the equation. It’s like copy and paste, but about a hundred times more powerful.. • Category title: A non-clickable title that indicates which category you’re viewing.. Chapter 7. Figure 7-9: The IE Back tip lets you navigate back without having to first display the navigation bar. [Картинка: i_207.jpg] Visiting Specific Websites. Why so opaque? It’s pretty clear that Microsoft considers the Favorites list a legacy interface and would prefer users to start moving toward pinned sites. This will be fine for average consumers who only store a handful of frequently visited sites. But power users will need to know the workaround, or simply stick with the desktop version of IE.. IE 10 and Default Browser Selection. Before doing so, however, you will need to configure your console to work with the Xbox Companion app. To do so, boot the Xbox 360 into the Dashboard and then navigate to Settings, System, Console Settings, and then Xbox Companion. There, change the setting from Unavailable to Available.. To do so, navigate to PC Settings and then Users. Under Your account, click the Connect your Microsoft account button. When you do, the screen shown in Figure 12-2 appears. Here, you choose which PC settings you’d like to sync with your domain account.. When Windows SmartScreen fires up, you’ll know it: The full-screen notification shown in Figure 12-18 displays, interrupting whatever you were doing.. OK, fine. But why do this? Working in virtual environments can sometimes be a lot slower than doing so with physical PCs and disks. By bridging the gap—accessing a virtual disk from your host, physical PC—you can perform actions like bulk file copies more quickly than if you do so from within a virtual OS. When you’re done, simply right-click the disk in Explorer and choose Eject to unmount it.CROSSREF.