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If you performed an in-place upgrade or a migration, now is the time to see which customizations made it across—check by clicking the Desktop tile—and to ensure that your documents and other files are where they belong. We examine post-Setup tasks later in the chapter, but this is a good place to begin.. You can lock the PC at any time by typing Winkey + L. Note that this keyboard shortcut will lock the screen without any confirmation request. It’s immediate.. While there are a number of ways to snap an app, the most reliable—and consistent across mouse and touch—is to use Switcher. Here’s how you do so using either the mouse or touch.. Summary. Power users will want to right-click the tip. When they do, they’ll see the magical power user menu shown in Figure 4-4. Winkey + X will also trigger this menu.. • Touch: Swipe in from the left edge of the screen. As you do so, the previous app in the Back stack will appear as a thumbnail image under your finger. Stop moving your finger and the side-by-side Snap bar will appear. When it does, release your hold on the screen and the secondary app will snap in place.. Figure 5-17: Rearranging the layout of tile groups [Картинка: i_140.jpg]. If you’d rather use the desktop version of IE 10 as the default browser and not IE 10 Metro, you can do so by accessing Internet Options from within IE 10 desktop as described earlier in the chapter. Then navigate to the Programs tab and change the Choose how you open links option to Always in

InternetExplorer in the desktop.. Messaging is primarily a Microsoft Messaging (formerly Windows Live Messaging) client, and as such it will be automatically configured to access this service if you sign in to your PC using a Microsoft account as we recommend. That said, you can also connect to Facebook’s messaging service (as you can from Windows Live Messenger), and we suspect other services will come on board over time, thanks to the Windows 8 extensibility features.. Windows PCs that do not include these full-featured Office applications will almost certainly include, or offer, some form of Microsoft Office. Check with your retailer or hardware maker for details.. One important note about the music purchasing experience: You must use Microsoft Points. Microsoft doesn’t use your local currency for purchases as do other online music stores like Amazon MP3 and Apple iTunes. Instead, Microsoft uses a system called Microsoft Points, which works across its other online stores, including the Xbox Video Store and Xbox Game Store.. Amazing.NOTE. With the move to a Metro-based infrastructure in Windows 8, many core system tasks now occur within that interface rather than in the classic desktop environment. So while many of the advanced networking features from Windows 7 are still present, largely unchanged, in Windows 8, the most frequently-needed features for connecting to and managing networks—both wired and wireless (Wi-Fi/802.11-style)—have changed.. Compositor: Craig Woods, Happenstance Type-O-Rama. Paul Thurrott.

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