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are windows forms still used what is windows kernel

You will now have additional resolution options, such as 1024×768 and 1152×864. If you do have multiple resolution choices, try each (that’s above 1024 x 600) to see which looks best. But either way, Metro apps will now work.. So you perform a search just as you do in any other Metro-style app: Open the search pane from the Charms bar and start typing.. Figure 7-25: A jump list displayed in IE Metro [Картинка: i_223.jpg]. If this account isn’t present, you can access the Accounts interface from the Settings pane. Shown in Figure 8-5, this pane can be reached in a variety of ways, including by typing Winkey + I, swiping in from the right edge of the screen, and tapping Settings, or by using the Metro-style mouse hotspot for the Charms bar and then clicking Settings.. This is probably obvious, but Messaging notifications will not appear when you’re using Messaging. If you receive a message from another contact outside of the thread you’re currently viewing, Messaging will do one of two things:. Bing Maps. Select Options to display various options related to Photos. Next to both Flickr and Facebook, you will see a link titled Options. Click the link for the service you wish to configure. (We’re using Facebook in this example, but the process is very similar for Flickr.). So how do you connect PCs? There are two requirements:. that Windows Media Player and Media Center are not available in Windows RT at all.. Finally, in addition to working with normal NTFS-based disks, Storage Spaces is also compatible with ReFS-based disks. This means that today on Windows Server 2012, you can optionally mix and match NTFS and Resilient File System (ReFS)-based disks. And in the future, you’ll be able to do so on Windows as well.. But none of these solutions will help if your home is destroyed, or the PC and its hard disks are stolen. What you need to complete this end-to-end backup and recovery picture is off-site storage. You need cloud backup.. As a feature of the PC firmware, Secure Boot isn’t configured in Windows; it’s configured in the UEFI firmware interface. This interface will vary from PC to PC, but it’s generally available via a Boot or Security screen in the firmware and is toggled via an option that will be labeled UEFI Boot. This can be set to Enabled or Disabled.. 4G, confusingly, refers broadly to a range of cellular network types, including pseudo-4G data networks such as HSPA (high-speed packet access) and HSPA+ that are really based on the older 3G standard.. Figure 14-17: Adding additional users to RDH with Remote Desktop Users [Картинка: i_447.jpg]. Summary.