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For those who prefer or need the ultimate in expandability, PC makers still offer traditional desktop computers, which typically come in some form of tower configuration in which the guts of the computer—or what some erroneously describe as the CPU—are separated from the display, keyboard, mouse, and other external peripherals, including speakers, microphone and web camera, external drives, and more.. • Using a dual-boot configuration. In Windows 8, the traditional Windows Setup routine doesn’t solve these issues, and it works much like that of its predecessor. But the new web-based installerdoes solve these issues, and it does so in the most obvious way possible: It integrates both the Upgrade Advisor and Windows Easy Transfer directly into Setup, making these processes not just discoverable but obvious and unavoidable.. When you boot the computer or wake it up from Sleep, you’ll be presented with the new lock screen, a full-screen Metro-style experience that is basically new to Windows 8 and visually sits on top of the sign-in screen where you select a user account and optionally provide a password.. You can also choose accessibility options from the Ease of Access button in the lower-left of the screen, or Sleep, Shut down, or Restart the PC using the button in the lower right of the screen. If you don’t do anything, the lock screen will reappear after a short period of time.. • Swap the snapped and primary apps: Press Winkey + J to swap the snapped (secondary) and primary apps on-screen. Or via touch or mouse, simply drag the Snap bar toward the other side of the screen, letting go before you hit the screen edge.. Figure 5-23: User settings [Картинка: i_146.jpg]. • Using the Desktop version of Internet Explorer. Forward: Yep, this works much like the Forward button in the desktop version of IE. But as with Back, it lacks advanced features, like the ability to tap and hold to access a menu of past pages and the browser History.Understanding the Tab Switcher. You can also install the SkyDrive application for the Windows desktop and view and manage your SkyDrive-based storage from there.. To search, simply type a location name into the search box and press Enter (or select the Search button). When you do, Bing Maps will likely navigate to the exact location, unless you’ve been too vague. A direct hit can be seen in Figure 8-57.. The Music app includes an app bar, but it doesn’t do much beyond allowing you to open an individual music file unless you’re already playing music. We’ll examine that functionality in just a bit.. Then start typing in a search term, perhaps an artist, album, or song name, and the Search experience will often supply suggestions as you type. You can see an example of this in Figure 9-36, and search results appear right in the Xbox Music app, giving you a way to dig deeper into your favorite music.. If you have more than one drive, PC Reset will ask whether you’d like to remove all files from all drives, or just from the drive on which Windows is installed. Make a choice, and then PC Reset will ask you to choose between quick and thorough file removal types, as shown in Figure 11-23. The second, more thorough option is useful if you wish to sell or give away the PC to others, but the first, quicker version is what you’ll want when you’re simply resetting the PC for your own uses.. Thanks to Kevin and Carol at Wiley for the help, support, and understanding. Books are always stressful to make, with less time than I wish for and more work than I expect, regardless of how many times I’ve done it. But you get that..