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But portable computers, overall, are far more successful than any desktops, and with Windows 8 (and RT), an estimated 80 percent of new computers sold will be portable PCs and devices. And in addition to traditional laptops and the thin and light Ultrabooks, we’re seeing interesting new hybrid PCs—laptops where the screen can flip around to turn the device into a tablet—as well as slate-like tablet devices similar to Apple’s iPad.. From an installation perspective, you will want to download a Windows 8 disc image in ISO format and use that to install Windows 8. You cannot use the web-based installer. Since these environments are well understood and utilize generic virtualized hardware components, you will usually not need to hunt around for drivers after Setup concludes.. So it is with the Metro environment. Microsoft does not refer to the Metro environment as anything in particular; they just claim that it’s Windows, generically, as if wanting or needing to call out these completely new and different user experiences was a ludicrous notion. Indeed, right after it completed Windows 8, Microsoft decreed that it would not use the term Metro to describe these new experiences, ostensibly for legal reasons.. Each of these should be relatively straightforward. In the case of the apps list, each toggle provides you with an opportunity to determine whether individual apps can provide notifications. So if you feel that Messaging notifications are annoying, just toggle those off.CROSSREF. While the Preferences option may seem to be the most relevant, it leads to a screen with only two configurable choices—Make it easier to find apps in my preferred languages (which is enabled by default) and Make it easier to find apps that include accessibility features (which is not). Instead, click Your account. When you do, you’ll see a full-screen interface like that in Figure 6-33.. In some cases, only the navigation bar will appear, allowing you to type a URL into the address bar or perform other actions. If you don’t see the tab switcher as well, simply swipe down from the top of the screen (or perform any other input action that will display an edge UI).Understanding the Navigation Bar. • Copy/Paste: This button, which will read Copy/Paste or Paste depending on whether anything is selected and/or in the Windows Clipboard, lets

you perform common Copy and Paste operations.. Figure 9-6: Make sure the SkyDrive application is configured to share its files with other connected PCs. [Картинка: i_298.jpg]. If you don’t already have the Xbox Companion (or SmartGlass) app installed, you’ll be prompted to get it from Windows Store.. Second, even if you have Windows 8 Pro, Media Center isn’t free: You can buy it for a small fee from Microsoft using the new Add Features to Windows interface. (You can easily find this through Start Search.) Why bother? If you have to ask, you don’t want Media Center. And frankly, the world has moved on anyway.. • Play on Xbox 360: This button appears next to Xbox 360 games. If you click this button, the Xbox Companion app, described a bit later in this chapter, will open and attempt to connect to your Xbox 360 console and start the game.. To this end, Windows 8 includes technologies such as Storage Spaces, which keeps your data safe through hardware redundancy, and File History, a far more useful new take on the Previous Versions feature from older Windows versions that makes document and data backup and recovery automatic and highly graphical. Best of all, you can even combine Storage Spaces and File History into a single cohesive solution that not only backs up your crucial data but does so in a way that will survive hardware failures. It’s brilliant.. PC Refresh is now ready to reset the PC while saving your personal settings, data, and Metro-style apps. Click the Refresh button to continue.. • Sign in to app groups with a Microsoft account: There is a third approach, one that provides a more limited way to access some Microsoft account goodness, but without changing your domain or local account in any way. That is, instead of linking or switching your existing sign-in account, you can simply try to run one of the connected apps in Windows 8 and then sign in when prompted by a screen that will resemble Figure 12-3.. • Joining a domain with Windows 8.

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