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In Windows 3.x, Program Manager was the shell. And in Windows 95, you could still run Program Manager as an application if you wanted to. So Microsoft making the new and old available simultaneously is not unprecedented.. Figure 3-30: A notification toast [Картинка: i_070.jpg]. • Mouse: As described earlier in the chapter, the Start button is gone, but you can still move the mouse cursor down to the same basic place on-screen—the lower-left corner—and the Start tip will appear. Click this thumbnail to activate Start and, in this case, navigate to the Start screen.. Conversely, it’s also possible for the Windows desktop to be the snapped, or secondary, app. However, when you enable this view, as in Figure 4-12, you’ll notice that the snapped desktop only displays thumbnails of the available open windows and isn’t too useful.. To pin a folder or library to the Start screen, navigate to the location’s container in File Explorer, right-click it, and choose Pin to Start as shown in Figure 4-30.. If you’re not a fan of the background patterns, you can thankfully choose no pattern, which is the final square in the grid of pattern squares. What you can’t do is choose an arbitrary combination of accent and background colors. Instead, Microsoft has chosen combinations that it thinks work well together. For example, if you like a dark purple background color, your only accent color options are two shades of light purple. You’ll find that the gray backgrounds tend to have the most accent color choices for whatever reason.. This capability was nice, and of course you could save background and window color combinations as desktop themes. But it was a bit tedious if you changed backgrounds regularly, or used a dynamic theme like those provided by Bing that changes background pictures on a schedule. So in Windows 8, there’s a new option that will automatically change the File Explorer window and taskbar color to match the desktop background. You will see this option in the Color and Appearance control panel shown in Figure 5-27.. There’s a lot going on here. In fact, one thing you may have noticed is that Internet Explorer 10 is fairly unique among Metro-style apps in that it not only offers a single app bar—that toolbar-like control at the bottom of the screen that in IE is called the navigation bar—but it also offers a second bar, called the tab switcher, at the top of the screen. Almost all Metro-style apps offer a single app bar. But very few go beyond that, as IE does.. Figure 7-23: You’re given the opportunity to rename the site before you pin it to the Start screen. [Картинка: i_221.jpg]. The People app also provides a nice, Metro-style view of all of the activities that your contacts are doing online, culled from the various feeds that are associated with their accounts. This can include sources such as Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, and more, and includes the ability to comment on what others are doing.. You can also navigate through your schedule using browser-like“back” and “forward” commands. To move back or forward in time through your schedule, you can swipe the screen in either direction or use the Internet Explorer-like keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Left Arrow and Ctrl + Right Arrow (for back and forward, respectively). Or, when you move the mouse around on-screen, you’ll see small navigational arrows appear near the top left and top right of the screen. Click one to navigate in either direction.. Opening and Editing Documents and Other Files. You can. But, boy, does Microsoft make it difficult.. • Preventing malware downloads with Windows SmartScreen. • BranchCache: Aimed at distributed corporations, BranchCache lets servers and users’ PCs in branch offices cache files, websites, and other content that is sent from a central office over the WAN, so that it is not repeatedly downloaded at great cost by different users in the same location. With more and more corporate mergers and acquisitions, and larger companies maintaining separate physical offices in different locales, this is a real need..