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Microsoft’s decision to port Windows to the ARM architecture was made for one reason, primarily: The company wanted its flagship product to run well on thin and light tablets and other devices. And while Intel-compatible chipsets provide amazing performance and good battery life on a wide range of device types, only ARM provides them with the ability to compete, point by point, with devices as thin and light and power efficient as the iPad. A representative ARM tablet is shown in Figure 1-3.. In Windows Setup, there are two critical points where you must choose correctly:. Remember, these Metro features are discussed further inChapter 3.. • Configuring accounts and Windows Store preferences. As you browse around Windows Store’s virtual storefront, you’ll eventually see something that strikes your fancy and you will want to dive a bit deeper. There are basically three paths you can take from the Windows Store home screen and arrive at a different type of landing page. These include landing pages for categories, lists, and apps. So let’s look at each.Browsing by Category. • Reviews view: Tap the Reviews header and you’ll navigate to each of the reviews, and associated ratings, for the app. This list of reviews is sorted by newest by default, as shown in Figure 6-13, but it can be sorted by oldest, highest rated, lowest rated, or most helpful if desired.. Install is just one of several buttons that can appear here. The complete list included:. If you’re familiar with Internet Explorer 9, you know that Microsoft added a unique ability to this version of its web browser: The ability to pin websites to the Windows 7 Start menu and taskbar, alongside those for traditional Windows applications. These pinned sites work much like regular applications, and they appear in a special version of the Internet Explorer 9 browser frame that is color-coded to match the design of the underlying

site.. Figure 9-11: The Pictures library, viewed by date [Картинка: i_303.jpg]. The differences between Xbox LIVE games and other games can be important if you’re a bit more serious about gaming than the casual gamer. But we’ll discuss the vagaries of the Xbox LIVE service—and what it means to be an Xbox LIVE game title—later in the chapter. For now, let’s examine how Metro-style games differ from their predecessors in earlier versions of Windows.. There are two ways to add parental controls to an account. You may recall that when you add a new account to the system, it’s silently created as a standard user account, and not as an administrator. So as an added nicety, Windows 8 provides a check box option, shown in Figure 12-11, which lets you enable Family Safety right when the account is created.. Using the Action Center route, you’ll see an option on the left of the window called Change Windows Start Screen settings. Click this option to display the window shown in Figure 12-17.. 4G, confusingly, refers broadly to a range of cellular network types, including pseudo-4G data networks such as HSPA (high-speed packet access) and HSPA+ that are really based on the older 3G standard.. @withinrafael. • Slide to drag: With some Windows 8 user experiences, you can tap and hold an item and then drag it to a new location on-screen by swiping your finger slowly in whatever direction you wish to go. This action, which is commonly used for rearranging tiles on the new Windows 8 Start screen, can be seen in Figure 3 and is similar to using a mouse to drag an item around..

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