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Windows 8 is the first client version of Windows to include its own hypervisor-based virtualization solution. This is called Hyper-V, and because this solution is generally aimed at businesses, we discuss it inChapter 14.. Start. Figure 4-16: The Settings user experience [Картинка: i_095.jpg]. Customizing the Start Screen. Make Items Bigger. In keeping with the dual user experience nature of Windows 8 itself, Microsoft has reimagined Internet Explorer—and, really, web browsing in general as well—in this new operating system, creating a fascinating, dual-mode version of the most-frequently used Windows application. Internet Explorer 10 is, in many ways, the poster child for this Windows 8-based vision of the future, offering both a Metro-style user experience and a more traditional, desktop-based web browser version as well.. So you perform a search just as you do in any other Metro-style app: Open the search pane from the Charms bar and start typing.. And it is indeed live, and not just a static picture. By default, the contact’s live tile will animate and will display recent activities culled from their What’s new feed. You can, of course, disable that effect: Simply right-click the tile and choose Turn off live tile from the app bar that appears. (You can also unpin the tile from this interface.) Other possible configuration options include moving the tile to a new location, perhaps in a new or existing tile group.. On the right of the application window is the large Messages pane, which shows you the conversations that have occurred in the currently selected thread. At the bottom of the window is a box in which you can type a message. When you tap Enter, that message is added to the currently selected conversation and thread.. Bing. Windows 8 can, of course, run traditional Windows games that run under the desktop and provide full-screen experiences as well. The capabilities listed here are in addition to legacy features.. From here, you could use your Xbox controller to control the action. But the Xbox Companion can also function as a basic controller. To enable this mode, display the app bar and press the Xbox Controls button. The display will change to resemble Figure 10-27, letting you navigate through menus by using sliding gestures and tapping on virtual buttons to make selections. (You can tap on the middle of the screen to emulate the green“A” button.). Comparing this list to that of a wireless network, you may have noticed that the Turn sharing on or off option is unavailable. This makes sense since a cellular data connection, by definition, cannot connect you to your local network. It is instead used to connect to the Internet directly and thus will always be public.. But Windows 8 also includes some new business-oriented technologies of its own. And while consumers are having fun with the Metro-style experiences that dominate this product, what you’re about to discover is this version of Windows also offers a compelling upgrade case for businesses, too.CROSSREF. Figure 1: Tap an item to open it. [Картинка: i_448.jpg].