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With every Windows release, customers face challenges when it comes to picking the correct Windows version. And while Windows 8 is no different in this regard, it does at least offer the simplest product lineup we’ve seen in over a decade, with just two mainstream retail versions—Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro—being offered alongside a version for ARM-based devices that’s called Windows RT.. Figure 2-15: Security verification info [Картинка: i_028.jpg]. Figure 2-20: Device Manager tells you at a glance which hardware devices are connected and properly configured for your PC. [Картинка: i_033.jpg]. While most touch interactions are by definition simple, enabling Switcher with touch is actually pretty difficult. It goes like this: You swipe in from the left edge of the screen, but a bit more slowly than normal. When the large thumbnail for the next app appears, you stop swiping to the right and move your finger instead backward a bit, to the left. If you do it just right, Switcher will appear.Start Notification Tip. While there are a number of ways to snap an app, the most reliable—and consistent across mouse and touch—is to use Switcher. Here’s how you do so using either the mouse or touch.. In Windows 7, Microsoft allowed us to pin application shortcuts to the taskbar for the first time, providing a new way to launch applications. (Previously, you could only pin applications to the Start menu.) And starting with Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft provided this same capability to web apps, letting sites like Hotmail, SkyDrive,,The New York Times, and many others work like pseudo-applications, pinned to the taskbar or Start menu for quick access.. You can also mount an ISO file by right-clicking and choosing Mount from the context menu.. • Metro-style apps only: Apps sold via Windows Store must bereal Windows 8 apps—that is, Metro-style apps and not traditional Windows applications. That said, Microsoft is allowing developers to list their desktop applications in Windows Store, though directing users who wish to learn more, download the application, or purchase it, to do so from the developer’s website.. • Price filter: With this widget, you can filter by price with available choices being free, free and trial, and paid.. If you’re familiar with the horrific and unreliable method for uninstalling traditional Windows desktop-based applications, which in many cases does nothing to remove spurious files and registry entries, you’ll be delighted to discover that uninstalling a Metro-style app is simplicity itself. Most surprisingly, perhaps, you uninstall these apps from the Start screen.. The expressive new Windows 8 lock screen provides a ton of useful information at a glance, including the date and time, the number of pending e-mails, your network connectivity, and so on. But Calendar is awarded a special capability on the lock screen: When configured properly, you can see the title, location, and duration of your next event, as shown in Figure 8-37.. Figure 8-44: Notifications can be toggled globally, on the fly, using this icon. [Картинка: i_272.jpg]. Figure 11-17: The History command opens File History restore for the current folder. [Картинка: i_385.jpg]. • Automatic Repair: This useful option should be your first stop if you are having issues booting into Windows. Simply click Automatic Repair and WinRE will diagnose your PC, check for disk errors, and attempt a repair. More often than not, this will simply work and you’ll be up and running in no time.NOTE. Microsoft added an interesting and useful security feature to Internet Explorer 9 called SmartScreen that helps guard your PC against malicious software downloads. IE 9’s SmartScreen feature works very well, but of course it can’t help you if you use a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or if you download a malicious file through another means, such as an e-mail application or USB storage device..