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Windows 8 supports a new type of user account that is based around your Microsoft account, or what used to be called a Windows Live ID. And while you could still use the old-fashioned local account that you previously configured, we recommend accepting Setup’s offer to switch this account to one based on your Microsoft account. Doing so is highly recommended: You gain impressive PC-to-PC settings synchronization and integration functionality by enabling this account type. As a result, we will assume you do this.. Remember: The desktop is conceptually just an app. So Switcher provides only a single entry for the entire desktop and its contained applications, not one for each Windows application.. You can also trigger app search by pressing Winkey + Q.. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the SkyDrive application for Windows (, it will sync the contents of your SkyDrive cloud storage to the location on your PC that you configured. Then, you can access your SkyDrive storage as you do with any other storage that’s attached to your hard drive.. • Understanding the rules for apps you download from Windows Store. Figure 7-12: InPrivate Browsing keeps your browsing history private. [Картинка: i_210.jpg]. Configuring IE 10 Desktop. • Account: If you’ve configured two or more e-mail accounts, you can choose from which to send the message, using a drop-down box.. The Day, Week, and Month app bar buttons are used to change the view. For example, the week view will resemble Figure 8-30.. • Find: By using the Find button in Reader’s app bar, you can search for text within the current document. This interface supplies Previous and Next buttons so you can find individual references to the search text, and an optional results pane, that calls out each instance of the search text in the document for quick navigation.. 3 GB monthly pass $30. When you click OK (or Apply), you’ll be asked to make the change to the folder only (which includes all of its contained files) or to the folder and any of its subfolders and their contents. Windows will encrypt the appropriate items and immediately suggest that

you back up your encryption certificate and key, which is required for recovery should you try to access the folder contents later via a different PC or future reinstall of Windows. Microsoft recommends backing these items up to removable media. But we’d go a step further and make copies in multiple places, including cloud storage like SkyDrive.. EFS is good for what it is, but it has a few limitations. First, it’s ponderous to encrypt an entire hard disk with this technology since it only works with individual folders and files; a set-it-and-forget-it whole-disk encryption makes more sense. And second, EFS only provides software-based encryption services. A technology that integrates with on-PC securitychipsets would be far more difficult, impossible really, to crack. And finally, EFS encryption sticks with files as they travel around. It would be nice if the encryption was automatically removed if a file was copied or moved from an EFS-protected folder.. Client Hyper-V, as Microsoft calls the Windows 8 version of Hyper-V, has been added to the OS for two primary reasons. One is for software developers who need to test applications and web apps on a variety of operating system and browser combinations. The other reason is for IT pros who are managing virtualized environments using Microsoft’s enterprise virtualization tools—Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012, but also Application Virtualization (App-V) and Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V)—and want to work with virtual machines (VMs) and their Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs) locally on a PC before deploying them elsewhere in their workplace.. • Connect to other PCs or servers: While you can of course work solely on your PC, you can also connect to other Hyper-V installs on other PCs or servers in your environment. In fact, you can connect to multiple Hyper-Vs, which is useful for copying virtual machines from machine to machine, within Hyper-V Manager, using drag and drop..

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