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Figure 2-14: First Windows 8 sign-in [Картинка: i_027.jpg]. From this window, you can configure the following boot menu options:. Okay, let’s look at the various system-level Metro experiences in Windows 8.. • Buy: Click this to purchase a paid app.. But most actions will work as expected in IE Metro. You can tap hyperlinks to access the underlying page, scroll with your finger, and so on. Here are some key navigational concerns you’ll want to know about in Internet Explorer for Metro.Home. On the left, you will find a Threads pane that contains the various threads, or conversations, you have (or are currently having) with others. Each contact will have their own thread, so each time you communicate with the same person, the new conversations will be appended to the previous ones.. The new way of doing things was triggered by a technological advance calledcloud computing. In this new model, your data isn’t stored on a single hard disk on a single PC, where it’s inaccessible from other PCs and devices and could potentially suffer from data loss because of a catastrophic hardware failure. Instead, the data is stored in the cloud—in powerful, geographically redundant data centers run by major corporations we actually trust—and is always accessible from any PC or device.. • Repeat: When toggled, the current video will play on an endless loop.. Again, you can find Xbox LIVE games in the Xbox Games app.. • Managing accounts with PC Settings. From a security perspective, Microsoft has finally closed the loop and silenced the critics by adding an excellent and effective antivirus solution to the OS. That, combined with new boot-time security protections, new security features like Windows

SmartScreen, a host of new Action Center-based reliability and security tracking functionality, and, of course, all the excellent security features from Windows 7, makes Windows 8 the most secure Windows yet.. There isn’t a lot of configuring you can do with a wired network from this interface, but there is one bit of functionality: You can disable (or enable) PC sharing and device connections. To do that, right-click the wired connection in the Networks pane and choose Turn sharing on or off from the little pop-up menu that appears. This won’t be hard since that’s the only choice, as you can see in Figure 13-2.. • Using Client Hyper-V to install virtual environments. • Add or Change password: If you’re using a password, you can change the password at any time. Or, if you’re using a smartcard PIN, you can add a password as a second way to enter the recovery key.. • Pinch to zoom out, stretch to zoom in: Users of touch-based smartphones and tablets are probably familiar with the pinch and stretch methods of zooming out and zooming in a display, respectively. You touch the screen with two fingers simultaneously and then move them away from each other to zoom in, as seen in Figure 4. Or, if you move the two fingers toward each other, you can zoom out. These actions are typically used in apps like Photos or Maps where zooming is a common activity..

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