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Most laptops and all portable workstations are Intel-type designs, but you can find ARM-based Windows RT laptops as well.Netbook. With every Windows release, customers face challenges when it comes to picking the correct Windows version. And while Windows 8 is no different in this regard, it does at least offer the simplest product lineup we’ve seen in over a decade, with just two mainstream retail versions—Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro—being offered alongside a version for ARM-based devices that’s called Windows RT.. Click Next.. In case it’s not obvious, all of these methods for accessing the new Start experience from the desktop work like a toggle. So when you’re on the desktop and engage it, using any available method, you will navigate to the Start screen. But if you immediately repeat that step, without launching any other apps, you’ll navigateback to the desktop.. • Start screen tile: The Windows Store tile, shown in Figure 6-1, is available by default on the Windows 8 Start screen. Just tap the tile to launch the app.. This navigation occurs logically enough as well: Users with touch-based devices will find that horizontal swipes work exactly as expected. Those with a mouse (or trackpad) can access the bottom-mounted scroll bar that appears when that pointing device is present, as shown in Figure 6-3, or use the mouse’s scroll wheel.. • Sports: Need an app to check up on the latest sports scores and gossip? It’ll be in here.. • Finance: Apps related to personal finance, taxes, and the stock market are available here.. • Automatically download external images: Can be on or off depending on the security settings of your e-mail provider.. • None: In this configuration, the space works exactly like a normal hard drive. Data is not mirrored on two or more disks but is instead stored on just a single disk. This configuration requires a storage pool with at least one physical disk.. To add the disk to a new pool, select it (by clicking the empty check box next to the disk) and then click Create pool. A new pool is created and then you are prompted to create a storage space that will exist in that pool. Unlike a pool, a storage space has a name, a drive letter assignment, and a resiliency type, and it can reserve more storage than is physically available. All of these capabilities are configured in this screen, which should resemble Figure 11-5.. Configuring User Account Control works as it did in Windows 7, via the User Account Control Settings control panel. So there’s no need to waste time on it: UAC works as before, isn’t annoying, and shouldn’t be messed with.NOTE. Security and Windows 8: Keeping Your PC Safe. Figure 13-14: From PC Settings, you can enable Airplane Mode or configure individual wireless connections. [Картинка: i_427.jpg]. Figure 14-16: You configure RDH from this, ahem, remote location. [Картинка: i_446.jpg].