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Apple is nice enough to configure Boot Camp such that the machine will boot automatically into Windows 8 every time you restart the PC. This is almost always what you’ll want, but you may occasionally need to boot into OS X for some reason. You can do so on the fly, when the Mac boots, or configure the Mac to boot into OS X just once, the next time you restart. (Okay, you could also make OS X the default boot OS. But we’re not documenting that particular option since you will never, ever, ever want to do that. Got it?)Booting into OS X Once. Figure 3-26: The Start notification tip [Картинка: i_066.jpg]. Figure 5-9: Selecting a tile on the Start screen [Картинка: i_132.jpg]. Rating and Reviewing Apps and Providing Other Feedback. IE 10 Metro and IE 10 desktop also share many useful security features, such as SmartScreen and InPrivate Browsing.. • Download email from: The range of pasted e-mail to download to your PC.. Figure 8-42: The People chooser lets you pick a contact to communicate with. [Картинка: i_270.jpg]. Figure 8-51: Viewing a folder full of photos on SkyDrive [Картинка: i_279.jpg]. If you don’t already have the Xbox Companion (or SmartGlass) app installed, you’ll be prompted to get it from Windows Store.. Because TV shows feature multiple episodes across multiple seasons, the Store provides a slightly different layout. When you select a TV show in the Television Store, you’ll only see a few choices, including View seasons and Explore series. When you select the former, a new full-screen view appears, offering information about the show plus links to each of its seasons, as shown in Figure 9-46.. InChapter 6, we discuss Windows Store, Microsoft’s new online marketplace for Metro-style apps. And as previously discussed, this is the place where you can discover, download, and purchase new Metro-style games as well. Given the popularity of games, especially casual games, it’s no surprise that this type of app is prominently offered in the Windows Store.. Everyone who uses Windows knows that you typically sign in,

or“log in” as we used to say, to the PC using an account with which unique settings, documents and files, and even applications are associated. The types of accounts we’ve used in Windows have certainly evolved over the years, but for the most part, there have been two basic kinds of sign-ins: domain accounts, which are used exclusively by corporations, and local accounts, which are specific only to the PC on which they are used; home users and most individuals have always used this latter account type.. • Create a picture password/Change a picture password: With the advent of touch-based Windows devices, including tablets and other touch screen devices, Windows 8 now offers two fun and efficient new ways to sign in to your computer: picture password and PIN (the latter of which is described next). Neither replaces your normal password. Instead, you can use either to implicitly sign in to the system using your actual password, but using a method that is simpler (and, in this case, a bit more fun) than a normal password. This is especially useful because tapping out a long password on a touch screen can be tedious.. There’s an additional layer of complexity that occurs if you wish to access a home computer that is sitting behind a router of some kind from outside your home, perhaps from work. To do this, you will need additional software, such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or you will need to configure yourrouter to allow such a connection. Since the latter is complex and router-specific, we recommend the former. LogMeIn Hamachi ( is a great option for this, and it’s free for noncommercial use.. • Windows 8 (Metro-style) app deployment: Domain-joined PCs and tablets running Windows 8 Enterprise will automatically be enabled to“side-load” internal, Windows 8 Metro-style apps, bypassing the Windows Store..

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