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If you are using a Windows PC or device with wireless networking hardware, you will next be asked to choose a wireless network and then, if required, enter a password. Do so and then click Next.NOTE. • The default operating system: It will be Windows 8 initially, but if you prefer it to default to Windows 7, this is the place.. In Windows 8, Metro-style apps simply need to support the Share charm. They can support initiating a share action, and they can separately (or only) support receiving a share action. The Metro-style version of Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft’s web browser, supports initiating a share action, so you can share web pages with others. But it doesn’t need to know which app you’re using to share that page. And that’s because any number of apps support receiving the share. One that’s included in Windows 8 is the Mail app: You can use this app to share a page from IE 10 via e-mail, as shown in Figure 3-21. But as time goes on, many other apps will appear that will let you share web pages via other means, such as with different social networks.. In previous Windows versions dating back to Windows 95, the Start experience was centered completely on the Start menu. This menu was evolved over the years and expanded in functionality and usefulness fairly dramatically in subsequent Windows versions. So did the ways in which we accessed the Start experience: first via a software button called the Start button (later renamed Start orb) and then via a Windows key on PC keyboards.. That said, you can still eject a mounted VHD just as you do with ISO: Right-click and choose Eject, or select Eject from the Disk Tools: Drive tab in the Explorer ribbon.. You could also take this tip to its logical conclusion and replace the default library locations with locations in SkyDrive. For example, you could create a Documents folder inside of SkyDrive, add it to the Documents library, and then remove the My Documents and Public Documents folders from the Documents library. Now a cloud-based folder will be your default save location for all of your documents and will be automatically replicated from PC to PC, and to the cloud.. Mail. Aside from the accounts settings discussed previously, the Mail app offers only a handful of other interesting configuration choices. You can configure the following features through the Permissions choice in this pane:. Figure 9-6: Make sure the SkyDrive application is configured to share its files with other connected PCs. [Картинка: i_298.jpg]. You could also make Windows Photo Viewer the default photo-viewing application if you wanted. To do so, right-click an image file and choose Open with then Choose default program, and then pick Windows Photo Viewer from the list that appears. Or, use the Default programs control panel (via Start Search).. While the new Metro-style digital media experiences in Windows 8 are almost purely consumption-based, they nicely complement the already rich and mature digital media applications that Microsoft has included in Windows for years. Photos is a simple and attractive, and touch friendly, way to enjoy your photos, no matter where they’re stored. Xbox Music provides a device-like interface for playing music online or off. And Xbox Video integrates nicely with Microsoft’s online marketplace, providing a handy way to access TV shows and movies, at home or on the go. It even lets you play videos through your Xbox 360, using thehandy Xbox Companion app.. Figure 10-15: Look to the left of Spotlight and you’ll see two semi-hidden groups. [Картинка: i_356.jpg]. • Play Trailer: This button launches the video playback of the game’s trailer.Windows Games Store. A more slippery slope is encountered when you remove one of the disks being used by a space that is configured with two or more disks. In this case, the space still exists in Explorer and functions normally. You can read and write to it and access it like any other disk. But under the hood, some error messages are being generated, and if you look at the Storage Spaces control panel, you’ll see the beginnings of a hissy fit developing, as in Figure 11-10. Spaces has detected that a drive is missing and, thus, the space’s resiliency is compromised.. Hyper-V is a one-stop shop for creating and managing virtual machines and other virtual resources, but sometimes all you need to do is connect to a virtual machine, which can be found on your own PC or in a Hyper-V install on a different PC or server in your environment. When you want to just work with a single virtual machine that’s already created and configured, you can use Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection (VMC) instead of Hyper-V Manager..