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But you don’t need a history lesson to know that Windows 8 is different. It hits you right in the face the first time you use it, and as you can see in its new lock screen, the Start screen and its apps, and the pervasive Metro-style user experiences, there’s a lot that’s new here. And that’s what this chapter is all about.. • Pin/Unpin from Start: This option lets you pin a tile for the application or app to the Start screen. If it’s already pinned, you can unpin it.. While the top part of the Settings pane is context-sensitive and will change depending on what you’re viewing on-screen, this interface is also a system-wide interface. So the Settings pane also provides various system settings, which always appear near the bottom of the pane. We discuss these settings in Chapter 3.. Chapter 5. Like many other Metro-style apps, the People app supports the system-wide Search contract, so you can use this capability to find a particular contact whether you’re currently in the app or not.. Note, however, that when this is enabled, you can still determine whether each account triggers these notifications individually. (You do so through the settings for each account.). The easiest way to find AutoPlay is to use Windows Search: Type autoplay, select Settings, and then choose AutoPlay from the results list.. Windows 8 includes an admittedly well hidden desktop application called Windows Photo Viewer that lets you view individual photos and perform other photo-related functions. Windows Photo Viewer is odd in that you can’t actually find the application via normal means—it doesn’t appear in the All Apps view or even via Start Search. But you can access Photo Viewer by right-clicking an image file from the desktop and choosing Open with and then Windows Photo Viewer.. Over the past several years, Microsoft also cultivated a separate and somewhat incompatible media platform called Zune, which included software, device, and music and video service components. Zune was meant to be a one-stop-shop solution that could compete head-to-head with Apple’s dominant iPod/iTunes, but suffice it to say that never happened despite some interesting advantages on the Microsoft side. So Zune has been discontinued as a brand.. • Gamertag: This is your identity, or name, on Xbox LIVE, and it will be the same name you previously established for your Microsoft account. If you’re not happy with this name, you can change it at any time, but Microsoft charges $10 each time in order to prevent kids from constantly changing their names while playing games. Yes, really.. It all starts with the new storage features in Windows 8, the key of which is Storage Spaces, a way to elegantly and easily mirror multiple disks of multiple types and sizes, creating redundant pools of storage you can use as you see fit. Building on this is File History, an improved take on the Previous Versions feature from Windows 7 that automatically backs up multiple versions of your most important data files so you can always find the one you want.. • Protecting your PC when Windows isn’t running. Figure 12-12: Family Safety helps you protect your children online and on the PC. [Картинка: i_405.jpg]. The control panel will ask you whether you’re sure you wish to enable this account, noting that password-protected files, folders, and settings are not accessible to guest users. Click Turn on to enable the Guest account.. So let’s start there.Using Windows 8 with Multi-Touch.