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Remember: The desktop is conceptually just an app. So Switcher provides only a single entry for the entire desktop and its contained applications, not one for each Windows application.. There are two basic interfaces for accomplishing this. You can use the new system-wide search functionality that is available in Windows 8, as described later in this chapter. Or you can do so directly from File Explorer.. There are three basic lock screen features you can customize in PC Settings: the background picture, which apps can run in the background while the PC is locked and provide simple status updates via the lock screen, and which app can run in the background while the PC is locked and provide detailed status updates.. There are two basic actions you can perform in this view.. • Finance: Apps related to personal finance, taxes, and the stock market are available here.. Thanks to regulatory and antitrust-related agreements around the world, Microsoft is no longer free to bundle as many useful applications (or, in this case, apps) with Windows as it did in the past. For this reason, Windows 7 was often accompanied on new PC installs by related products like Windows Live Essentials and Zune that Microsoft said completed the Windows 7 experience. These applications didn’t technically come with Windows, but they were available separately, for free, and PC makers were free to bundle the apps on their PCs alongside Windows. So the net effect for most users was the same as if Microsoft had included them in Windows 7.. • Address bar: This control works much like the address bar in the desktop version of Internet Explorer, but with some key differences. You can, of course, select the address bar to type any arbitrary URL, and then press Enter to start navigation. But IE Metro is unique because a full-screen view of Frequent and Pinned sites is displayed each time the address bar is selected. And as you type, these lists are filtered, on the fly. This feature is so cool, we discuss it more in the“Finding Favorites and Other Websites” section later in this chapter.. Available settings include the following:. You can see the change on the Start screen: The tile for IE has changed to a tile for desktop IE, not IE Metro.You Upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7 and Can’t Find IE Metro. Using the Photos App. Storage Spaces provides two basic services:. Figure 11-13: An Action Center warning about low disk capacity in your storage space [Картинка: i_381.jpg]. Regardless, even those who do need to install and update a handful of traditional Windows applications after the fact will still experience an amazing reduction in the time it takes to complete the entire process. This one feature has revolutionized the way users restore Windows and get back to work. You’re going to love it.. You cannot do this with a domain account. Only a local account can be switched to a Microsoft account.. So that works. But you could also simply choose to use HomeGroup sharing instead of the Network explorer. (That is, you will access shared resources via the homegroup and not through the Network interface.) This method requires that all of your home machines are running Windows 7, Windows 8 (or, interestingly, Windows Home Server 2011). So if you are using an older Windows version (Vista, XP) on your home network, this method won’t work..