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Picking a Windows 8 Product Edition. For businesses and PC makers, it means that the tools and methods they use to blast Windows 8 images onto PCs will be familiar and efficient, and not require training. This, after all, is what Windows Setup was really made for anyway.. In our experience, some typical issues do arise here. These include:. The following options are available:. The canonical example of such a transaction is the web: You’re browsing around your favorite website one morning and come across an article that you simplymust share with someone else. In the days before Windows 8 and Metro, this kind of sharing would have occurred in two fairly limited ways. Either the browser would have been specifically designed (or“hard-coded”) to facilitate the sharing of web pages (perhaps via e-mail or a social networking service like Facebook) or a third-party developer would have written a browser add-on, or extension, to add that capability to the browser.. Once you’ve got two apps snapped into position in side-by-side mode, you can further customize the display, albeit in fairly limited ways. Here are the options available at your disposal:. From a compatibility perspective, Windows 8 works just like Windows 7, though you can now use the built-in Application Compatibility tools to emulate Windows 7 if needed. But from our regular usage of Windows 8, it’s pretty obvious that little in the way of compatibility work will be required, and if you have an application that works with Windows 7, it should work fine with Windows 8 as well.. • Price filter: With this widget,

you can filter by price with available choices being free, free and trial, and paid.. Whichever method you’re using—the Start screen, All Apps, or Start Search—to uninstall an app you must select it first. This is done on a touch interface by tapping and holding and then dragging down until a selection border appears (Start screen tile) or the app tile is color-selected (All Apps, Start Search), and the app bar appears. With a mouse, simply right-click the tile. Keyboard selection is a bit trickier and less common, but you can use the arrows keys to highlight the correct tile or app, and then press Ctrl + Space to select it.. Figure 6-34: Removing a PC from your list of registered PCs and devices [Картинка: i_198.jpg]. • Mark as read/Mark as unread: This button toggles the“read” state of the selected message. By default, a message is marked as read when it is selected.NOTE. The Camera app, shown in Figure 9-18, is simplicity itself. There’s an app bar, always visible in this app, with just a handful of buttons.. Doing More with Your Pictures. 5 GB monthly pass $50. Thanks to Kevin and Carol at Wiley for the help, support, and understanding. Books are always stressful to make, with less time than I wish for and more work than I expect, regardless of how many times I’ve done it. But you get that..

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