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If yes, then you simply cannot choose Windows RT. You’ll need to choose from the many Intel-compatible Windows 8 PCs. In fact, you’ll need to use Windows 8 Pro.. If you are using a Windows PC or device with wireless networking hardware, you will next be asked to choose a wireless network and then, if required, enter a password. Do so and then click Next.NOTE. Of course, Start Search isn’t just for applications. You can also filter the view for settings (a combination of PC Settings and control panels), files, and individual apps.. • Accessing content by category, list, or app. The first time you run the Camera app, you’ll be prompted to allow the app to use your webcam and microphone. Obviously, you must allow this for the app to function. If you block this access, the app will simply quit.. Figure 9-44: The Xbox Video app bar-based controls [Картинка: i_336.jpg]. • Play on Xbox 360: In this scenario, you can hand off the playback of Store-based content from your PC to your Xbox 360, over the same home network only. That is, the content you playto the Xbox doesn’t have to comefrom Windows 8. Instead, it can be located online, in the Xbox Video Store.. Ready for your head to explode? This works with Windows Server 2012 as well.. You can also configure File History to automatically back up other locations of your choice or, to not back up certain locations too. If you have a home network with a home server, a network attached storage (NAS) device, or a PC with lots of storage, you can even configure File History to work across the network, and then automatically recommend that location to others on the homegroup, creating a central location for all file backups.CROSSREF. Figure 12-5: Creating a picture password [Картинка: i_398.jpg]. Put simply, HomeGroup works much as it did in Windows 7, aside from the new Metro-style configuration interface. But there is one more wrinkle.. You could of course enter a correct username and password combination, and chances are you know what these entries are since it’s your home network. And Windows 8 even fixes a long-standing bug in Windows networking so that when you select the option “Remember my credentials,” it actually—get this—remembers your credentials.. • Using Remote Desktop, Remote Desktop Connection, and Remote Desktop Host. Table 14-1: Top New Windows 8 Group PoliciesPolicy nameDescriptionAllow all trusted apps to installManage the installation of app packages that do not originate from the Windows Store. When enabled, you can install any trusted app.Do not display the lock screenControls whether the lock screen appears for users. If enabled, users will see their user tile after locking their PC.Turn on PIN sign-inControls whether a domain user can sign in using a numeric PIN. If disabled or not configured, a domain user can’t set up and use a PIN.Turn off picture password sign-inControls whether a domain user can sign in using a picture password. If disabled or not configured, a domain user can’t set up and use a picture password.Turn off switching between recent appsIf enabled, users will not be allowed to switch between recent apps and the App Switching option in PC Settings will be disabled.Windows To Go Default Startup OptionsControls whether the PC will boot to Windows To Go if a USB device containing a Windows To Go workspace is connected, and controls whether users can make changes using the Windows To Go Startup Options control panel item.Turn off File HistoryAllows you to turn off File History. If enabled, File History cannot be activated to create regular, automatic backups. Otherwise, File History can be activated.Turn off access to the StoreSpecifies whether to use the Store service for finding an app or application to open a file with an unhandled file type or protocol association.Turn off the Store applicationDenies or allows access to the Windows Store app. If enabled, access to the Windows Store application is denied.Turn off app notifications on the lock screenAllows you to prevent app notifications from appearing on the lock screen.Do not syncThis turns off and disables the“sync your settings” switch on the “sync your settings” page in PC Settings. If enabled, “sync your settings” will be turned off, and none of the “sync your setting” groups will be available. Note: Additional related policies let you control syncing of app settings, passwords, personalization, other Windows settings, browser settings, desktop personalization, and more.Prevent users from uninstalling applications from StartIf enabled, users cannot uninstall apps from Start.Allow Secure Boot for integrity validationConfigures whether Secure Boot will be allowed as the platform integrity provider for BitLocker operating system drives. Secure Boot ensures that the PC’s pre-boot environment only loads digitally signed firmware.Configure Windows SmartScreenManages the behavior of Windows SmartScreen.Start Windows Explorer with ribbon minimizedThis policy setting allows you to specify whether the ribbon appears minimized or in full when new File Explorer windows are opened.Set CostConfigures the cost of Wireless LAN connections on the local machine. If enabled, a drop-down list box presenting possible cost values will be active. Selecting one of the following values from the list will set the cost of these connections. (There are related policies, Set 3G Cost and Set 4G Cost, for cellular data connections.)Turn off tile notificationsIf enabled, apps and system features will not be able to update their tiles and tile badges in the Start screen.Turn off toast notificationsIf enabled, apps will not be able to raise toast notifications. (This policy does not affect taskbar notification balloons.)Turn off toast notifications on the lock screenIf enabled, apps will not be able to raise toast notifications on the lock screen.. • Hardware device disabling: Your workplace can specify that certain devices in the Windows RT tablet be disabled, including the camera, Bluetooth, IrDA, and more..