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With previous Windows versions, Microsoft offered a fairly static set of capabilities by which one could install the OS onto a new or existing computer. These capabilities were based on the same underlying functionality but were designed to serve three basic audiences: end users, businesses, and PC makers, and not necessarily in that order. As such, the process was pretty technical for the typical user, which wasn’t much of a problem because very few users actually installed Windows this way anyway. Most acquired Windows with a new PC purchase or, perhaps, through a work-based PC.. For the rest of us poor slobs, there are a few options for rectifying this situation.. Apple is nice enough to configure Boot Camp such that the machine will boot automatically into Windows 8 every time you restart the PC. This is almost always what you’ll want, but you may occasionally need to boot into OS X for some reason. You can do so on the fly, when the Mac boots, or configure the Mac to boot into OS X just once, the next time you restart. (Okay, you could also make OS X the default boot OS. But we’re not documenting that particular option since you will never, ever, ever want to do that. Got it?)Booting into OS X Once. Like previous versions of Windows, it’s possible to install Windows 8 in virtual machine environments such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, and so on. Generally speaking, there’s no real magic to making Windows 8 work with such products, though you lose out on some graphical niceties and, usually, the touch-based goodness that makes Windows 8 special.. You don’t have to spend too much time with Windows 8 before it hits you: This Windows version is like nothing that’s come before. The biggest and most visual change, of course, is the new Metro environment, which includes the Start screen, various full-screen Metro-style apps, and several Metro user experiences that all sit on a brand-new runtime engine called WinRT. Not only does Windows 8 look different from its predecessors, it really is a brand-new operating system, built from scratch to meet the needs of today’s quickly evolving technology landscape. Yes, all your old desktop applicationsand hardware devices still work. But the underpinnings of Windows—its soul, really—has completely changed.. It’s not possible to show you how animations and motion improve the Windows 8 user experience, but suffice to say these elements are everywhere, from the live tiles that animate between various status updates, to the animation that occurs each time you launch a Metro-style app, and to the floating notification “toasts” that slide on-screen rather than jar you by appearing suddenly and without warning.. OK, we know you understand why adding a few hardware peripherals can make for a better computing experience. But we mention this here because the way in which Windows 8 interacts with these devices has changed, thanks to the switch to Metro. So while some legacy interfaces for dealing with hardware devices remain for backward compatibility reasons, much of your interactions with the devices in Windows 8 will now occur through Metro-style experiences. And more often than not, that means the Devices charm.. • Close the snapped app: If a secondary app is snapped on the left, press Winkey + Shift + . (period) to close the snapped app. Otherwise, press Winkey + . (period). You can close the snapped app via touch or mouse by dragging the Snap bar to the closest screen edge.NOTE. This chapter examines Windows Store and how you can use this full-screen experience to find the apps that will matter most to you.. To uninstall an app, navigate to the Start screen and locate the tile for that app. If it’s not present, you can use the Windows 8 All Apps list, or Start search to locate the app. Here’s how:. Figure 8-9: You can easily edit a contact’s information. [Картинка: i_237.jpg]. Figure 8-23: A plethora of options are available for e-mails you write with Mail. [Картинка: i_251.jpg]. And in the modern Windows Phone platform, which is today now based on the PC version of Windows 8, Microsoft continues to bundle Office. Windows Phone 8 includes what’s now called Office Mobile 2013, with portable versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote that provide not just document compatibility and basic editing functionality, but also interoperability with Microsoft’s cloud-hosted Office document repositories, SkyDrive and SharePoint. So it should be no surprise that Windows RT devices—that is, those machines that sit logically between phones and “true” (or at least traditional) PCs—would also offer similar functionality.. Figure 13-17: Not-so-seamless network connectivity [Картинка: i_430.jpg]. Windows 8 isn’t just about Metro. There are numerous updates to the desktop environment, which we discuss in Chapter 4, plus a new desktop version of Internet Explorer, amazing new file and system recovery tools (Chapter 11) and network and connectivity capabilities (Chapter 13). Metro is fun, and beautiful to look at. But Windows 8 is a productivity champion, too. It’s in the product’s DNA.NOTE.