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New Windows 8-based PCs and devices will utilize a new type of firmware called Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, or UEFI, instead of the old-fashioned BIOS firmware we’ve been using for decades. UEFI provides many advantages over BIOS, but key among them is performance: UEFI-based PCs and devices will boot much more quickly than those based on BIOS.. Virtually every aspect of this lock screen can be customized, and it provides what Microsoft calls a“glance and go” interface where you can glance at the screen even when the system is locked—indicated by the presence of the lock screen—and see information that is useful, such as the date and time and your next upcoming appointment.CROSSREF. Consider the Start screen as a typical example. The Start logo and user tile (in the upper-right corner) are offset deliberately from the live tiles below by a wide swath of white space. Those tiles don’t butt up to the left edge of the screen, but rather sit to the right. But the tiles also appear to disappear off the right edge of the screen, suggesting that you can scroll in that direction to see more. There’s no awful looking chevron graphic or whatever to spell it out for you. Instead, the design is confident and beautiful, and something that would be fun to touch.. • Using SkyDrive with the Windows desktop. Figure 5-15: Semantic zoom [Картинка: i_138.jpg]. • Communications apps: These include Calendar, Mail, Maps, Messaging, People, Reader, and SkyDrive, or what we call the productivity apps.. Sites with encrypted connections will include a lock badge in the address bar, just as with the desktop version of IE. This control also works as a progress indicator while sites are loading.. Note, however, that when this is enabled, you can still determine whether each account triggers these notifications individually. (You do so through the settings for each account.). Here, you can determine on

a calendar-by-calendar basis whether to display that calendar’s events in Calendar and what color you wish to use to display that calendar. Note that calendar sources with multiple calendars will show an entry for each calendar.. Using the Photos App. When this happens, the Xbox Companion app switches to the full-screen display shown in Figure 10-26. (This will of course vary depending on the content type you’ve chosen.). Click the Create storage space button to initialize the space. A new Explorer window opens, too, displaying this new space. But as you can see from the Explorer view that opens, it appears as a normal 3 TB disk to the system, even though under the hood it is using about 6 TB of actual physical storage spread across two disks. Mirroring reduces the available storage, but offers better resiliency. That’s the trade-off.. First, it is worth noting that many users with big media collections may indeed want to invest in a desktop PC solely so they can use this feature and then share their media around the home using the home network. In this way, a fairly pedestrian Windows 8 PC—albeit one with a ton of storage—could be used as a replacement for a Windows Home Server machine or, more likely, network attached storage. It’s just so versatile.. Associate Director of Marketing: David Mayhew. Second, Windows 8 provides support for the edge UIs mentioned previously to mouse users via new“hot corners” on the screen. Since these interfaces are so central to using Windows 8 effectively, we discuss them fairly extensively in Chapter 3 and then again in Chapter 4. But a quick overview is provided here..

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