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Figure 2-19: The new Windows Update [Картинка: i_032.jpg]. As is the case with desktop applications, this storage is now available to any Metro-style app as well. You can see this for yourself in apps that support the Metro-style File Picker, a new full-screen experience for selecting files on disk. As you can see in Figure 3-38, a USB-based hard drive is automatically available to the File Picker just as it is to Windows Explorer on the desktop.. Managing Files and Folders. While Microsoft has used both ISO and VHD file formats to distribute evaluation and even final versions of Windows and other software in the past, it’s never really formally supported these formats in Windows to any major degree. The one exception is ISO burning support: Starting with Windows 7, you can burn ISO files to disc natively with the integrated Windows Disc Image Burner utility. (This capability also exists in Windows 8, as you’d expect.) But you couldn’t browse into them as you would with a physical disk.. • Understanding app stores and why Windows Store is important. • Content policies: Windows Store enforces strict content policies that can vary from region to region. No apps with a rating over ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Mature (or equivalent) are allowed, which excludes adults-only content (that which features prolonged scenes of intense violence or graphic sexual content).. • Buy: Click this to purchase a paid app.. Microsoft will be replacing the Xbox Companion app with a similar but more powerful app called Xbox SmartGlass, which should be available by the end of 2012. You may want to look for this app, too.. When browsing through Windows Store, you’ll come across some game and app tiles that include the notation “desktop app,” as seen in Figure 10-10. This indicates that the game (or application) is for the desktop, and not the Metro environment, so you will not see a rating or price, as with Metro-style apps and games.. • Refresh your PC and Reset your PC: These tools collectively make up a new Windows 8 capability called Push Button Reset. It’s so important, that it’s examined in the next section.. You can enhance data storage in general, or File History specifically, with Storage Spaces as well. This amazing feature lets you mirror data across two or three disks, again providing protection in the event of hardware failure.. Summary. After choosing which settings to sync, you will sign in to your Microsoft account and confirm or enter your security verification information, just as you do when you sign in with this type of account normally. And from now on, you can use Microsoft’s account services—and the bundled apps in Windows 8 that take advantage of them—seamlessly, without needing to sign in with each app. Actually, it’s even better than that: Some apps simply won’t work unless you sign in with a Microsoft account. This linking process makes them work.Why This May Not Work. From a security perspective, Microsoft has finally closed the loop and silenced the critics by adding an excellent and effective antivirus solution to the OS. That, combined with new boot-time security protections, new security features like Windows SmartScreen, a host of new Action Center-based reliability and security tracking functionality, and, of course, all the excellent security features from Windows 7, makes Windows 8 the most secure Windows yet.. Connect automatically is deselected by default for open, unprotected networks and selected for password-protected networks..