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Figure 3-6: The Start screen’s app bar [Картинка: i_046.jpg]. Figure 3-11: Charms [Картинка: i_051.jpg]. To activate the Switcher edge UI from the desktop, swipe in from the left edge of the screen, and when the previous app thumbnail appears, swipe back to the left. If you do it just right, the Switcher appears, as in Figure 4-5. Just tap the Start tip at the bottom to return to the Start screen.. When you install more complex applications like Microsoft Office or Visual Studio, you could be in for a surprise: Some will populate the Start screen with multiple tiles, many for applications you’ll never (or perhaps rarely) need.. While Windows 7 included a display scaling feature that made it a snap to enlarge the appearance of all desktop items using percentages like 125 percent and 150 percent, Windows 8 goes a step further by providing a new interface for just increasing the text size for specific items. It’s also found in the Display control panel, which can be accessed in a variety of ways, though the easiest is Start Search: Search fordisplay and then select Display from the search results.. Figure 6-10: A list landing page [Картинка: i_174.jpg] Browsing by App. To view the new tile, return to the Start screen and navigate to the end (right side). As you can see in Figure 8-11, your contact now appears in live tile form on your Start screen.. Many common photo-related activities work consistently with similar features in other Metro apps, thanks to the new system-wide capabilities in Windows 8. For example, when viewing a photo, you can print it by accessing the Devices interface (Winkey + K) or, more directly, the Print interface (Ctrl + P). Or you can use the Share interface (Winkey + H) to share the photo with others using a compatible Metro-style app, such as Mail.. NTFS and other filesystems have their advantages, but the reliability of any filesystem is ultimately tied to the weakest link in the chain, the underlying storage hardware. It’s a simple fact of life that hard drives (and related storage devices) fail, and that when they do

so, they often bring your data down with them.. But even for users of portable PCs and devices, Storage Spaces can make plenty of sense. Remember, this feature works equally well with internal and external storage, so there’s no reason you couldn’t link multiple external drives off your portable PC—or better yet, off a dock or USB port extender—and simply use the contained spaces when you’re sitting at the desk. When you’re out and about with the PC, it will still work normally. But when you’re home, orat the office, the space(s) will be available.. File History is an excellent way to ensure that your most valuable documents and other files are backed up regularly and available in different historical versions. Likewise, Storage Spaces is an amazing Windows 8 feature that provides redundant storage for your most valuable data, protecting them from a potential hard drive failure. Since File History works with secondary (or network-based) disks by default, you may be thinking that there’s no benefit to using these two features together. That’s crazy talk.. When you encounter a problem with your PC, be it performance related or otherwise, you can now undergo a surprisingly fast process in which Windows 8 is quickly wiped out and reinstalled in a factory-fresh condition. This doesn’t require mucking around with a Setup DVD or USB media, and it won’t take half the day as it did with Windows 7. Instead, Windows 8 includes a new feature called Push Button Reset, and it very well may be the single greatest new feature in this operating system.. Domain Join and Group Policy. When the encryption is complete, you’ll see that the disk appears different in both Explorer, as shown in Figure 14-6, and in the BitLocker Drive Encryption control panel.. • Timeout: Your workplace can specify that if the device is left unused for a set period of time, it will be locked automatically..

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