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Table 1-1: Hardware CapabilitiesFeatureWindows 8Windows 8 ProWindows RTMaximum number of processors122Maximum RAM4 GB (x86), 16 GB (x64)4 GB (x86), 64 GB (x64)4 GB. However you choose to install Windows 8, at some point you will be confronted with the blank slate of the new Start screen and may be wondering what happens next. Windows 8 may look quite a bit different than its predecessors, but this is one case where the general strategy remains the same. It’s time to engage in some post-Setup activities to ensure that your PC is up and running as efficiently as possible. More to the point, you need to ensure that you’re really done configuring Windows 8 so you can begin actually using it.First, Complete the Driver Installs. Keyboard users can more quickly open the Settings pane by tapping Winkey + I.. From the Start screen, you’ll see a Tile settings link that provides a short list of settings for the Start screen. These include whether to show administrative tools on the Start screen and a button for clearing personal information from the tiles.. If this is still too limiting, consider a multi-monitor configuration. In this case, you can have the Start screen and all Metro-style apps on one screen and the desktop and its applications spread across one or more other screens. We discuss this configuration inChapter 5.. Interestingly, what you see here only represents a subset of the commands that are available in the new File Explorer. And that’s because the ribbon has several tabs, and only one of them—Home, in this case—is displayed at a time. You can click the other two tabs that are always available, Share and View, to see the commands they provide.. While Microsoft built SkyDrive support into the Metro environment, providing File Picker-based access to the files on that cloud service, as well as integrated setting sync for those who want it, there is one crucial bit missing for desktop users: you can’t natively navigate your SkyDrive storage using File Explorer.. And if you’re keyboard-bound, Page Up and Page Down will scroll the UI from category to category. Home and End will navigate directly to the front and rear of the app’s home screen, respectively.. Internet Explorer Metro also provides access to InPrivate tabs, special tabs whose browser history will not be recorded as you go, providing a sense of privacy. InPrivate Browsing is available via a button in the tab switcher, but you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P. However you choose to engage this feature, you’ll see a display similar to that in Figure 7-12, indicating that InPrivate Browsing is on and you’re safe.. Windows PCs that do not include these full-featured Office applications will almost certainly include, or offer, some form of Microsoft Office. Check with your retailer or hardware maker for details.. When you do, you’ll see that there are two small groups, Gamercard and Friends, to the left of the starting point of the app, at the Spotlight group, as shown in Figure 10-15.. Figure 11-3: The Storage Spaces control panel [Картинка: i_371.jpg]. You can bypass this limitation by entering the credentials for an administrator account. You do so using a feature called User Account Control, which we’ll examine later in this chapter.. • Clean the screen: Today’s touch-screen devices leave indelible smudges each time you tap or gesture. So be sure to keep your screen clean, reducing the chance that someone could tilt the device in the light and quickly guess which gestures you use to sign in.. Let there be no doubt: Windows 8 is quite definitely a consumer-focused release of Windows, the first since perhaps Windows Me to cater almost exclusively to that part of the market. This is understandable, given the rapid rise of competing consumer technologies from companies like Apple and the rapid adoption of those technologies, even in businesses. This trend, called the consumerization of IT, has revolutionized many aspects of technology used in business, including areas that were once sacrosanct. And it’s led to a loosening of the reigns, so to speak, as the workforce has evolved to engage in computing activities away from the office..