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• 32-bit or 64-bit: Like Windows 7, Windows 8 is available in both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) variants. Generally speaking, you will want the 64-bit version for a clean install or migration. But if you plan to perform an in-place upgrade, you will need to use the same version, 32- or 64-bit, as your current Windows version. You can find this information in the System control panel.. Start Screen: A New User Experience for Modern Apps. Windows 8 ships with a large number of apps and you can find even more in Windows Store, Microsoft’s new app store.CROSSREF. OK, we know you understand why adding a few hardware peripherals can make for a better computing experience. But we mention this here because the way in which Windows 8 interacts with these devices has changed, thanks to the switch to Metro. So while some legacy interfaces for dealing with hardware devices remain for backward compatibility reasons, much of your interactions with the devices in Windows 8 will now occur through Metro-style experiences. And more often than not, that means the Devices charm.. While Windows 7 included a display scaling feature that made it a snap to enlarge the appearance of all desktop items using percentages like 125 percent and 150 percent, Windows 8 goes a step further by providing a new interface for just increasing the text size for specific items. It’s also found in the Display control panel, which can be accessed in a variety of ways, though the easiest is Start Search: Search fordisplay and then select Display from the search results.. • Configuring IE 10 desktop. • New Tab: This button opens a new tab and then provides a view of your Frequent and (if available) Pinned lists (offering your most frequently accessed sites as well as those you’ve pinned to the Start screen, respectively) and the address bar so you can manually type in a website URL—or a search term—if desired.. Microsoft is in the process of replacing Hotmail with a new web-based e-mail service called It works similarly to Hotmail.. • If a thread already exists for that contact, the thread is moved to the top of the threads list.. To take a photo with Camera, simply tap (or click) anywhere on-screen. If you’re in video mode, this will start video recording instead. To stop recording, tap (or click) the screen instead.. Doing More with Videos. Microsoft account used to be called Windows Live ID.. • Location: A text field with up to 40 characters of space for describing your general location.. Once you’ve configured File History to your liking, click Save changes to return to the main File History screen and then click Turn on. File History will indicate that it is saving copies of your files for the first time, but you are free to close the window, get back to work, and do other things. You can pretty much forget about File History until you need it.. If you find something you’d like to recover, you have two options: You can recover them directly to the same folder, overwriting whatever’s there now; or you can recover them to a different location..