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• Working with hardware devices and peripherals. Launching Apps. Figure 4-8: Look closely, and you’ll see a hint that Switcher is available. [Картинка: i_087.jpg] Advanced Switcher Usage. The Music and Video Marketplaces were previously collectively branded as the Zune Marketplace. With Windows 8, that brand is being phased out and is being replaced by the Xbox brand instead.. • Contact information: Name, associated account(s), address, and so on, but also actionable options such as Send e-mail, Send message, Map address, and more.. You can navigate between the Accounts, Messages, and Reading pane views, though many e-mail messages are difficult, if not impossible, to read in this view because of the horizontal space limitations. The best reason to consider snapping Mail is for those times when you’re working in another app, or on the desktop, but you want to keep an eye on Mail for some reason. When the e-mail you want does arrive, you can simply unsnap the app and view it full screen instead.. • Smaller/Larger: Calendar can only display live updates when it’s set to the larger (rectangular) tile size. If you set it to the smaller (square) size, it will simply animate between static displays.. Thanks to the dynamic nature of its new apps platform, the Metro-style apps that Microsoft includes with Windows 8/RT will change over time, so it’s highly likely that the apps described in this chapter will appear somewhat differently over time and will include additional features. This is normal, and as a general statement, it’s probably fair to say that the versions of the Photos, Camera, Xbox Music, and Xbox Video apps you use will provide a superset of the functionality we describe in this chapter.. In addition to the onscreen controls, you can display the app bar during playback to access more playback controls and other options. This app bar is shown in Figure 9-44.. As you can see in Figure 10-6, the Games group is the first actual category of apps displayed in the main screen of the Windows Store.. • Messages: Using an e-mail-like system, Xbox LIVE members can send messages to each other using text, audio, and video. These messages aren’t ever broadcast via normal e-mail systems (via the e-mail associated with your Microsoft account), but you can view and respond to received messages, and create new ones, on the Xbox 360 and via the Xbox website, as shown in Figure 10-13.. When the time comes to recover a lost or previous version of a file, you have two basic ways to access the new File History restore functionality. You can relaunch the File History control panel and click the Restore personal files link. Or, you can use the far more discoverable method that’s available right in File Explorer. This latter option makes more sense for two reasons. Oftentimes when you’re looking for the previous version of a file, you’re staring at that folder anyway. And when you trigger File History restore from File Explorer, it will navigate automatically to that location for you. So you won’t need to hunt around for the file.. • Printers and devices: When you configure a printer or other attached device for one PC, it can be made automatically available to all the other home PCs that join the homegroup.. Virtualization. But we want to hear from you either way. We view this book in the same way we do our own websites and other work, as a conversation about technology between people who are truly interested in learning more, always. And that includes us. If we did something right or screwed up something terribly, please, do let us know..