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Picking a Windows 8 Product Edition. Here are some of the more relevant new hardware capabilities you should consider.Multi-Touch. No matter. It’s here now. And while only Windows itself and new Metro-style apps can take advantage of this new notifications platform, they work on the desktop as well. So if you get a new e-mail or have an upcoming appointment, you will still get alerted.. The first time you plug in a USB storage device, you will see the Metro-style notification toast shown in Figure 4-31.. • Second, you can optionally name each tile group. To do this, select the group you wish to name while in semantic view—again, using the same selection technique you learned for tiles—and then tap the Name group app bar button that appears. It will provide a text box for you to type the name. And when you are done, the group name will appear over the top-left area of the group, as shown in Figure 5-18.. • Keyboard: Press Winkey + Q to open the search pane.. The SkyDrive user interface, shown in Figure 8-46, replicates the folder structure of your SkyDrive storage.. • Enjoying your music collection and accessing Microsoft’s Music Marketplace with the touch-friendly Xbox Music app. Figure 9-9: A single photo viewed full-screen [Картинка: i_301.jpg]. Of course, you can also trigger slideshows from a folder view, and when you access the app bar from this view, you get a different set of buttons, and

thus capabilities. A few are notable.. In this Browse by Date view, you can also reverse pinch to zoom out and see more on-screen at once.. But local user accounts are starting to show the strain of time, and as our PC usage changes, so do the needs we place on them. For example, most people don’t bother to protect their own user accounts with a password, which can have huge ramifications in the event of a stolen PC. Local accounts are literally local to that one PC and thus hard, if not impossible, to replicate across machines; if you have more than one PC, as so many of us do now, making each one look and work the same is tedious. Local accounts make home network sharing difficult, too, which is why Microsoft created the homegroup sharing technique for Windows 7.. All Windows 8 PCs and devices will be configured from the factory to support Secure Boot and have this firmware feature enabled. But if you are going to install Windows 8 on a previous PC, you can check to see whether this feature is supported and then enable it before installing the OS.. Figure 13-17: Not-so-seamless network connectivity [Картинка: i_430.jpg]. Domain Join and Group Policy.

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