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Windows Easy Transfer had other onerous requirements. You needed an external hard drive, network location, or even a crazy, specially designed USB cable to use this utility.. From an installation perspective, you will want to download a Windows 8 disc image in ISO format and use that to install Windows 8. You cannot use the web-based installer. Since these environments are well understood and utilize generic virtualized hardware components, you will usually not need to hunt around for drivers after Setup concludes.. Sadly, side-by-side display sharing is not particularly customizable. You can have just two apps, and the one that is considered the primary app takes up about two-thirds of the available on-screen real estate. Meanwhile, the secondary app is stuck with just one-third, roughly, of the available space. Apps that are side by side in this fashion are said to snap into place.. Under the hood, things have improved dramatically, and file copies and moves occur much more quickly than before, even when you have multiple file operations going at once.. Of course, you may not be a fan of the lock screen, and this will be especially true of the many, many people using Windows 8 on a traditional desktop PC. If this is the case, you can simply disable the lock screen.. Note that Microsoft is also making panoramic wallpapers and themes available from its Windows Personalization Gallery website at This collection is updated regularly, so be sure to check it out from time to time.Configuring a Different Background Picture for Each Display. The reason for this overloaded user interface is simple. Internet Explorer 10 is a fairly complex and certainly full-featured app, just like its desktop-based cousin. And it requires the additional space for commands that’s afforded by the extra chrome.NOTE. • Exchange: The People app can connect natively to Exchange and Exchange-type accounts, meaning those that utilize the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) technologies, a de facto standard for mobile devices. Generally speaking, you will use this account type for any account that utilizes Exchange Server, Office 365, or something similar, all of which offer e-mail, contacts, calendaring, and task management. The People app provides integrated access to Exchange or EAS-based contacts.. Mail. The People chooser is very interesting, because it connects to whatever Metro-style apps that have registered with the system to provide access to contacts, or the People app by default. But as more such apps become available, you’ll be able to choose contacts from those apps, too, using the drop-down control to the right of the People title in the chooser.. Maps works much as expected, and much like other Metro-style apps, with a clean interface and most options hidden in an app bar. You can swipe around on-screen to move the view in various directions, or, on a mouse-based system, simply“grab” the map with the mouse cursor and then move the mouse in any direction to achieve the same effect.. Photos and Camera actually work fine without a Microsoft account, go figure, but as you’ll see, you will need to sign into various online services to use Photos to its fullest. But Microsoft’s new Metro-style entertainment apps, Xbox Music and Xbox Video (and the related Xbox Companion) do require you to sign-in with a Microsoft account to be used effectively.. Figure 11-3: The Storage Spaces control panel [Картинка: i_371.jpg]. • Manage User Account Control: In Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced what was then a very controversial feature called User Account Control, or UAC, which took advantage of Microsoft’s efforts tocomponentize Windows by dividing each of the system’s functional entities, or components, into one of two groups: those that require administrative privileges and those that don’t. Those that don’t would just work and you could just go about your day and not really think about the security implications of anything underpinning the system.. Editorial Manager: Mary Beth Wakefield.