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We assume most people have seen an iPad, and given that device’s popularity, it should come as no surprise that Microsoft and its PC maker partners have raced to create both an operating system, Windows 8/RT, and a wide variety of multi-touch-based tablet devices that can blow the iPad’s doors off.. With each new Windows release, Microsoft supports a wider range of hardware devices and peripherals, of course. But with Windows 8 and the new portable scenarios that are opened up by tablets, Ultrabooks, and hybrids, the possibilities have expanded dramatically. And many of these possibilities are tied directly to new hardware capabilities that you should be aware of.. You can lock the PC at any time by typing Winkey + L. Note that this keyboard shortcut will lock the screen without any confirmation request. It’s immediate.. • Mouse: Move the mouse cursor to the upper-left corner of the screen to activate the Back experience as described previously. Then, move the mouse cursor down the left edge of the screen to activate Switcher and select the app to which you’d like switch.. • Swap the snapped and primary apps: Press Winkey + J to swap the snapped (secondary) and primary apps on-screen. Or via touch or mouse, simply drag the Snap bar toward the other side of the screen, letting go before you hit the screen edge.. The View tab, conversely, contains a number of commands we wish were more easily accessible, including the various icon sizes—Extra Large Icons, Large Icons, Medium Icons, Small Icons, List, Tiles, Details, and Content—and the various grouping options. It’s perhaps not coincidental that File Explorer has a miniature set of buttons in the status bar in the lower-right corner of the window that lets you toggle between two of the most common icon sizes, Details and Large Icons.NOTE. To display the toolbar-like control called the app bar at the bottom of the screen, right-click with the mouse, swipe up from the bottom of the screen with touch, or press Winkey + Z.. While Microsoft built SkyDrive support into the Metro environment, providing File Picker-based access to the files on that cloud service, as well as integrated setting sync for those who want it, there is one crucial bit missing for desktop users: you can’t natively navigate your SkyDrive storage using File Explorer.. • Sync settings over metered Internet connections: This determines whether your settings are synced over metered Internet connections.. 1.First, configure the Start screen with the theme—colors and background pattern—you prefer, as described earlier in the chapter. Then, click the small icon in the lower-right corner of the screen to enable the semantic zoom feature on the desktop. This will cause the tile groups to shrink down, as shown in Figure 5-38.. Consider the way applications have always extended the capabilities of Windows. In the past you could purchase full-featured applications like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop to meet certain needs, such as creating and editing word processing documents or graphics art projects, respectively. The integration these applications offered with the underlying OS (still do, in fact) was pretty much relegated to snagging file associations. So you might open .docx files in Word instead of the WordPad utility that shipped with Windows.. Apps must be rated and conform to rules set forth by the ESRB or equivalent rating system used in your locale.. Figure 10-14: Xbox Games [Картинка: i_355.jpg]. To access the Metro-style interface for Reset your PC, visit PC Settings and navigate to General. Near the bottom of the list of General PC settings, you will see the options Refresh your PC without affecting your files and Remove everything and reinstall Windows. These represent Refresh your PC and Reset your PC, respectively.. Big thanks to Cliff Simpkins and Brandon Watson for helping me convince Microsoft there were merits in my hacking work on Windows Phone. And also Chris Walsh and Long Zheng for helping make a product of that hacking work, ChevronWP7 Labs, a huge success..