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Once Windows 8 is installed, you will need to install Apple’s Boot Camp drivers in order to complete the installation. So you should insert the driver disc you created as part of the Boot Camp Assistant and let it do its thing, rebooting as required. From there, follow the general post-install advice provided earlier in this chapter.Of Mac Keyboards and Windows. Windows 8 supports a new low-level feature called Contracts that works much like Copy and Paste does in that the applications (or, in this case, apps) on either end of the sequence—those that are participating in the contract—don’t need to know anything about the other. That is, they only need to support the appropriate contract. One of the most common is the Share contract, which lets one app share information with another.. VHD, or virtual hard disk, files are created for Microsoft’s virtualization solutions, including Hyper-V and Windows Virtual PC. These files represent a hard disk drive, and as you’ll discover in Chapter 14, they are useful in a number of scenarios, such as testing operating systems and other software, for help desk support, and for software developers.. • Downloading, installing, and updating apps. Want to install all of your apps? Just click the Select all button in the bottom left of the screen and then click Install.. Like other Metro-style apps, Windows Store provides a simple Settings interface, and it is through this interface that you can access your account settings and other store-related preferences. Likewise, accessing this interface occurs as it does in other Metro experiences, through the Settings pane. You can access this pane from within Windows Store by typing Winkey + I, by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, or by using the mouse to enable the Charms bar and then choosing Settings.. Yes, this is why Google named its own browser Chrome.. To copy (or download) a document, photo, or other file from

your SkyDrive storage to the PC, simply select it and then display the app bar (Winkey + Z is quickest). Then, select the Download button, which can be seen in Figure 8-52. You can perform this action on individual files or multiple files.. While the Music + Videos app on Windows Phone fully supports podcasts, the Xbox Music app in Windows 8/RT doesn’t, so there’s no way to find, subscribe to, or listen to/view podcasts. Instead, you’ll need to try a third-party app. One that’s emerged as an early favorite is SlapDash Podcasts, which you can find in Windows Store.. Desktop games (and applications) cannot run on Windows RT. They are designed only for Windows 8 (and perhaps older versions of Windows, too).. Windows 8 includes such a feature. It’s called Storage Spaces, and it works with both NTFS- and ReFS-formatted disks, providing a safe, secure, and redundant way for you to provision, manage, and use storage that spans multiple disks, replicating your data automatically.. Under the hood, of course, Microsoft’s decades-long commitment to system security continues. This version of Windows includes the same anti-malware technology, firewall, User Account Control, and other security features that made Windows 7 the most secure version of Windows yet. And then they turned it up a notch by adding two crucial new features: Antivirus is now included in the OS, finally, so you won’t need to add that separately. And the SmartScreen protection feature that the company debuted in Internet Explorer 9 is now part of Windows, so you’re protected even if you use competing browsers.. But then you expected nothing less, right?. Networking and ConnectivityIn This Chapter. • Understanding which features are unique to Windows 8 Enterprise.

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