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Understanding the Differences Between the Product Editions. Figure 1-6: Traditional laptops are on the way out, but will still be common in businesses. [Картинка: i_007.jpg]. A fourth option, Install on another partition, can also appear if you’re using a PC with multiple disk drives or partitions.. After clicking Next, you’ll be prompted to enter (or at least verify) your security verification info. To help you recover your password and keep your Microsoft account safe from hacking, this screen, shown in Figure 2-15, lets you configure a mobile phone number and alternate e-mail address. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail at your primary e-mail, and if agreed to, you can make the current PC a trusted PC for authentication purposes.. While most touch interactions are by definition simple, enabling Switcher with touch is actually pretty difficult. It goes like this: You swipe in from the left edge of the screen, but a bit more slowly than normal. When the large thumbnail for the next app appears, you stop swiping to the right and move your finger instead backward a bit, to the left. If you do it just right, Switcher will appear.Start Notification Tip. • Managing running tasks. You can also right-click on the Peek area to display a context menu that provides an additional choice, Show Desktop. This option minimizes all onscreen desktop windows so you can actually access the icons on the desktop if you’d like, and not just view them as you do with Peek.. • Extend: In this mode, the PC display is extended across the two screens. This common configuration allows you to have a desktop that spans two screens or a configuration in which you use Metro on one screen and the desktop on the other. Unlike with Duplicate, each display will use its own native resolution. Presenters can also utilize this mode with the Presenter mode in recent versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.. Since most people won’t want to stare at the Messaging screen and wait for a new message to arrive, Messaging supports the standard Windows 8 notifications capabilities and will provide pop-up notification “toasts”—along with a corresponding notification sound—whenever a new message does appear. These toast notifications will appear briefly on-screen, near the top-right corner, no matter where you are in the system, on the Start screen, while using a different Metro-style app, or on the Windows desktop. A typical Messaging notification can be seen in Figure 8-43.. Figure 9-5: Facebook is now available in Photos. [Картинка: i_297.jpg]. There’s no way to search all sources simultaneously, though that would be very useful.. • Enabling File History for automatic file backup and versioning. • Create a storage space: Every storage pool will contain at least one storage space. But once you have a storage pool, you can keep adding additional spaces as needed. To do so, click the link titled Create a storage space. You’ll see the same interface discussed in the previous section, and your options will be limited only by the available storage types attached to the PC.. Prior to Windows 7, most home users with two or more PCs would employ a simple strategy to easily share files over their home networks: They would simply configure each PC with at least one user account with the same username and password. This way, they wouldn’t need to enter a username and password combination each time they accessed a shared folder on the other PC.. While these capabilities don’t quite amount to domain join, they do remove most of the pain with using a Windows RT-based device for work in a managed environment. It remains to be seen how many companies will be forward leaning enough to implement this in the years ahead, however..