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are windows update servers down how windows hello for business works

From the Start screen, you’ll see a Tile settings link that provides a short list of settings for the Start screen. These include whether to show administrative tools on the Start screen and a button for clearing personal information from the tiles.. And customizing Windows 8 is not just about Metro. As with previous versions of Windows, this OS also provides a number of ways in which you can customize the Windows desktop, including useful new multi-monitor capabilities that will be valuable in a number of usage scenarios, especially for those who pick up a new Windows 8 (or RT) tablet and decide to dock it to a larger display—and a keyboard and mouse—at home or at work.. 3.Now, run Paint (Start Search,paint) and paste the screenshot image into the application (using Ctrl + V). Use Paint’s magnification options to shrink the image a bit (using right-click) so that it resembles Figure 5-39.. IE 10 Metro and IE 10 desktop also share many useful security features, such as SmartScreen and InPrivate Browsing.. You can see the change on the Start screen: The tile for IE has changed to a tile for desktop IE, not IE Metro.You Upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7 and Can’t Find IE Metro. If you manually launch the People app, you’ll be presented with the app’s main view, which lists all of your contacts in two groups. If you’ve configured any contacts as favorites, as described a bit later, those contacts will appear on the left.. While some calendar solutions support rich text and even graphics in the message field, Microsoft apparently never got that memo: You can only use plain text here.. • Change camera: On PCs or devices with multiple cameras, the Change camera button will let you choose which camera to use. For example, many Windows 8 and RT devices include both front- and rear-facing cameras. This button works like a toggle: Tap it once to change the view to the next camera.. Accessing Store Content. Figure 11-7: Two additional disks will open up additional configuration options. [Картинка: i_375.jpg]. Try to find Windows Backup from Start Screen Search, or by searching the classic Control Panel, and you’ll come up blank. The termbackup yields results for File History only, and a search forwindows backup will actually come up empty. It’s almost like they don’t want you to find it.. Figure 12-5: Creating a picture password [Картинка: i_398.jpg]. To help protect you against malicious software more globally, Windows 8 includes a special version of SmartScreen, called Windows SmartScreen, which protects the filesystem against malicious files, no matter where they come from. Windows SmartScreen works exactly like IE 9’s SmartScreen feature, meaning it utilizes both holistic sensing technologies and an Internet-hosted service to determine whether files are malicious or at least suspected of being so.Configuring Windows SmartScreen. • Using HomeGroup to share resources on a home network. Big thanks to Cliff Simpkins and Brandon Watson for helping me convince Microsoft there were merits in my hacking work on Windows Phone. And also Chris Walsh and Long Zheng for helping make a product of that hacking work, ChevronWP7 Labs, a huge success..