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And as noted earlier in the chapter, some Windows 8 features simply aren’t available on Windows RT. These include individual applications such as Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center, as well as lower-level features such as Storage Spaces and BitLocker. (Windows RT overcomes the latter limitation with its own, unique full-device encryption functionality, however.). Do you need compatibility with legacy, desktop-based third-party applications like Photoshop?. An app-based notification toast, like the one in Figure 3-30, meanwhile, can be subtle, unless of course you are getting repeated toasts appearing back to back as you might with an instant messaging app. These notifications appear in the top-right corner of the screen and disappear if you do nothing.. • First, you can arrange groups. To do so, simply select a group—using the same methods that are used to select an individual tile—and then drag it around the thumbnail view of the Start screen, positioning it where you want, as in Figure 5-17.. • Rotate: If you’ve ever gotten a PDF file that seems to be visually sideways, you know how useful this command can be.. Figure 8-58: Bing’s Directions interface [Картинка: i_286.jpg]. Figure 9-24: My Music [Картинка: i_316.jpg]. This unique approach displays the information about the artist or album in this new area, but it will typically require more space than the area provides. So this view also enables you to scroll within the area, vertically, to see more information. In either view, for example, you can scroll down (within this pop-up) to see more songs.. Figure 9-36: Searching in Xbox Music [Картинка: i_328.jpg] What About Podcasts?. • Play/Pause: Toggles video playback.. Finally, Metro-style games can utilize any common Metro-style user interfaces that are available to other apps, including edge-triggered app bars, file pickers, and the like. (That said, many games will choose to use more customized experiences, but that’s up to the developer.). To better understand File History, let’s see it in action.. The Recovery control panel won’t even provide an option for optical disc media if a USB flash drive is inserted. So if you intend to make a disc, be sure to unplug any USB media first.. Figure 11-25: Using SkyDrive instead of regular folders to keep content synced with the cloud. [Картинка: i_393.jpg]. For a password protected network, you’ll be prompted to enter the password, as shown in Figure 13-5, and then Click Enter..