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The issue is the screen. Most netbooks ship with 1024×600 resolution screens, which is fine for the Windows desktop but below the 1024×768 minimum—and the recommended 1366×768—resolution needed for the Metro environment. This means that if you do install Windows 8 on a netbook class computer and try to run any Metro-style app, even Windows Store, you’re going to get a full-screen error message. It just won’t work.. With Windows 8, Microsoft has combined three of its Windows installation tools into a single web-based version of Setup that overcomes virtually all of the problems with the traditional, monolithic Setup application. Available, this new installer can perform a clean install, upgrade, or migration to Windows 8 more quickly and more reliably than ever before.. We discuss this latter activity in the next section.. Figure 2-27: The Boot Camp control panel [Картинка: i_040.jpg]. That is, if you’re using the desktop environment and would like to find and then run an application, just tap the Windows key on your keyboard (or otherwise return to the Start screen) and start typing. Instead of a Start menu–based search, you’ll see the new full-screen Search experience, now called Start Search, as shown in Figure 4-43. And it’s far more powerful than the old Start Menu Search.. OK, got your bearings? Good; let’s go customize the Metro interfaces in Windows 8!. • Sync your settings: This is the most important set of settings, arguably, in PC Settings and is directly tied to why signing in with a Microsoft account is such a big deal. This one is important enough that we describe it in the next section of this chapter,“Customizing Settings and Settings Sync.”. To do this, move the mouse cursor to the upper- or lower-right corner of the screen and then move the cursor along the right edge of the screen toward the center. It’s a bit more natural to perform than it is to describe.. As with any web browser, you can arbitrarily visit any website by typing its name into the address bar. As described previously, however, the address bar is hidden by default. So swipe up from the bottom edge of the display (or down from the top) to display the navigation bar, which includes the address bar.Finding Favorites and Other Websites. Tabs provide a convenient way to access multiple websites from the same browser window. And IE Metro, as a modern mobile web browser, offers decent tab functionality. As noted earlier, you can access the new tab switcher by using the top or bottom edge UI (or the Winkey + Z shortcut) and manage tabs from there. But your old tab skills work as well. You can use Ctrl + T to open a new tab, for example, and Ctrl + W to close one.. In this view, you can see and edit your own contact information via the View profile link, view your own What’s new feed, which is culled from whatever online accounts you’ve configured, view and deal with pending notifications, and view the photos you’ve recently posted to social networks and other accounts.. Figure 8-55: Bing Maps needs access to your location for fairly obvious reasons. [Картинка: i_283.jpg]. Figure 9-25: The Artists view, alphabetically [Картинка: i_317.jpg]. Enabling and Configuring File History. Of course, recovering the operating system is only one layer of safety and this won’t help with your precious data—documents, photos, and so on—if the PC’s hard drive fails. So Windows 8 also offers a nice File History feature, which backs up not just your data, but the various revisions of your data as well. And it does so to secondary storage—another hard drive attached to your PC—or to a network location, further enhancing resiliency with physical separation..