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are windows vista updates still available where is notepad windows 10

We mentioned that there were threemainstream Windows 8 editions. As it turns out, there are others. Microsoft is selling a version called, yep, Windows 8 Starter, in emerging markets only, so we can safely ignore that release. And a Windows 8 Enterprise edition is provided only to Microsoft’s corporate customers that sign up for a volume licensing program called Software Assurance. This version of Windows 8 is in fact quite interesting as it offers some additional and useful features that are now available in Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro. But since you can’t actually acquire it normally, it’s also something we won’t be focusing on too much here.. • Automatic screen rotation: Tablets and hybrid devices and other screens can utilize an accelerometer to determine the orientation of the screen and rotate the on-screen display appropriately as it’s changed. This type of activity is common on smartphones and, with Windows 8, it’s come to PCs as well.. For example, with traditional, media-based installs of Windows, you need to know whether you have a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) version of Windows and then buy and use the appropriate Upgrade media when performing an in-place upgrade. With the Windows 8 web-based installer, this is handled for you behind the scenes.. • Touch: Swipe in from the left edge of the screen. As you do so, the previous app in the Back stack will appear as a thumbnail image under your finger. Stop moving your finger and the side-by-side Snap bar will appear. When it does, release your hold on the screen and the secondary app will snap in place.. File Explorer debuted (as Windows Explorer) in Windows 95, but Windows has of course always had a graphical interface for managing files and folders. In fact, even the first version of Windows, dating all the way back to 1985, included a basic file manager application called MS-DOS Executive.. First, a general rule: While it’s possible to span your desktop across multiple displays, the Metro environment can only appear on a single screen. So if you have a four-monitor system for some reason—perhaps you’re James Bond or are a little too excited about flight simulator games—you can have this setup configured in one of two basic ways: one screen showing Metro and three showing the desktop, or all four screens showing the desktop.. One of the classic examples of this latter user interface miscue is Favorites. It’s in there. In fact, IE Metro synchronizes your Favorites list with the desktop version and, if you’ve enabled it, with other PCs as well. But this browser offers absolutely no way to access your Favorites as a list or menu. And it provides no way to save a site as a Favorite. Instead, you must pin favorite sites to the Start screen.. Figure 8-1: You will sign in to your Microsoft account. Oh yes, you will. [Картинка: i_229.jpg]. Mail provides a three-pane view, as shown in Figure 8-16, where you can see the major elements of the app’s primary user interface.. Figure 9-7: Viewing folders in the Pictures library [Картинка: i_299.jpg]. When browsing through Windows Store, you’ll come across some game and app tiles that include the notation “desktop app,” as seen in Figure 10-10. This indicates that the game (or application) is for the desktop, and not the Metro environment, so you will not see a rating or price, as with Metro-style apps and games.. What’s Missing: Cloud Backup. But it all begins with your user account. So let’s look at that first.. Figure 13-1: The new Metro-style Networks pane helps you manage networks of all kinds. [Картинка: i_414.jpg] NOTE. Figure 14-16: You configure RDH from this, ahem, remote location. [Картинка: i_446.jpg].