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As a rule, the decision will often come down to the very general difference between the Metro-style environment that will be your primary interface on Windows RT devices and the Windows desktop, which will be far more powerful and usable on Intel-compatible PCs (and will certainly be the primary interface as well, especially on traditional desktop PCs and laptops). And that difference is this: Metro is (largely) for consuming content and the desktop is (largely) for productivity. When you want to browse the web, check Facebook, perform simple e-mail activities, enjoy music or a movie, and perform other consumption-style activities, Metro is the place to be. And if this is all you’re doing with the PC or device, or almost all you’re doing, an ARM-based Windows RT device should be ideal. You need a device, not a PC.. Although netbooks (Figure 1-7) were all the rage when Windows 7 first shipped in 2009, this low-cost alternative to the laptop has since fallen out of favor. And while Windows 8 is certainly capable of running rather well on the low-end hardware that’s found in such machines—a 1 GHz Atom-class processor and 2 GB of RAM—this version of Windows is not suited to netbooks very much at all.. Figure 2-15: Security verification info [Картинка: i_028.jpg]. Figure 2-22: Use the Shrink tool to resize your Windows 7 partition and make room for Windows 8. [Картинка: i_035.jpg]. You can also choose accessibility options from the Ease of Access button in the lower-left of the screen, or Sleep, Shut down, or Restart the PC using the button in the lower right of the screen. If you don’t do anything, the lock screen will reappear after a short period of time.. Here’s the best part. This functionality works for applications, as you’d expect. But it also works for libraries and folders. And you can pin favorite web apps and sites via Internet Explorer 10, though we cover that in Chapter 7.. If you’re quick enough, you can click (or tap) that initial download message and view the Installing

Apps screen. This screen, shown in Figure 6-21, provides a progress bar for the app download and install process.. • Mark as read/Mark as unread: This button toggles the“read” state of the selected message. By default, a message is marked as read when it is selected.NOTE. Figure 8-24: You can add file attachments using a standard Metro-style file picker. [Картинка: i_252.jpg]. Because of the nature of the Calendar app and the underlying calendar services it utilizes, this is a very interesting example of where the Windows 8 integration strategy makes a lot of sense. That is, while you can absolutely open the Calendar app to view your events and manage your schedule, oftentimes you simply won’t need to. And that’s because the Calendar app is very deeply integrated into Windows 8.. Figure 10-23: Xbox Companion [Картинка: i_364.jpg]. Over the years, Microsoft’s filesystem technologies have evolved dramatically, first with MS-DOS–based filesystems built around the FAT (file allocation table) architecture that debuted in Microsoft Stand-Alone Disk BASICway back in 1977. Originally designed for 5.25-inch floppy disks, FAT was evolved over the years to support different floppy disk formats and then hard drives of ever-increasing sizes.. Any data stored on a space is deleted when the space is deleted. So be sure to back up anything important before continuing.. Just as you can easily remove disks from a space as noted previously in this chapter, you can also add new disks. But since disks are added to pools, not to spaces, you’ll need to remove the old, potentially damaged disk first. And then the space will simply claim storage on another disk in the pool for its own. Here’s how it works.. Last but not least, thanks to all my blog readers and Twitter followers. It’s those conversations with real people that drive me every day.—Rafael.

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