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Because of the differences in various ARM-based platforms, the Windows RT machines you see on the market are actually slightly different from each other under the hood, and Microsoft and its partners essentially have to custom-craft the OS and applications for each device. For this reason, Windows RT devices are sold almost like appliances, and there’s a tight integration between the device and its software.. Figure 3-4: The on-screen keyboard [Картинка: i_044.jpg] WARNING. If you have not configured your user account with a password, and have only the one account configured on the PC, you will bypass the sign-in screen and proceed directly to the Start screen, as described in the next section. Don’t do this. We strongly recommend configuring all user accounts with passwords for what we assume are obvious security reasons.. While many will mourn the loss of the Start button from Windows 8, Microsoft removed it for a good reason: As a desktop-based interface, it was only available in that environment and not in any Metro-style apps. So the company came up with a decent replacement, called the Start notification tip, that works from anywhere in the system—the Start screen, the desktop, or any Metro-style app—and works exactly like the Windows key (or Windows key button on devices); that is, it’s a toggle.. If you navigate to Personalize and then Lock Screen in PC Settings, for example, you’ll see that there’s a Lock screen apps section where you can determine which, if any, apps can provide notifications on your PC’s or device’s lock screen. As you can see in Figure 3-32, this interface includes seven slots of normal notifications and one for an app—like Calendar—that can provide detailed status information.. Figure 4-16: The Settings user experience [Картинка: i_095.jpg]. The Start screen is unique for many reasons. As the new default user interface for Windows 8 and the place by which you will launch and, via their live tile updates, monitor your running apps, it’s the central dashboard that many users will face, literally, each day. Not surprisingly, it offers a number of useful customizations. Oddly, however, these customizations can occur through two interfaces. That is, some of the customizations occur through PC Settings, as with other Metro features. But some occur directly from within the Start screen itself.Changing the Start Screen Theme. This makes us wonder whether Windows 9 will feature some sort of cross-environment“themes” capability, since it’s such an obvious need.. • Understanding app stores and why Windows Store is important. Figure 11-12: Using parity eats up a bit more space but is more resilient. [Картинка: i_380.jpg]. So let’s examine them as part of a wider discussion about the types of accounts you can use with Windows 8.. A small sampling includes the following:. As with a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection, you can right-click (or tap on and hold) a cellular data connection to view additional options. These include the following:. These reasons bear little resemblance to the stated mission of Windows Virtual PC/XP Mode, which existed for a completely different reason: to provide users with a fairly seamless way to access Windows XP-based applications that, for one reason or another, simply wouldn’t run natively on Windows 7. And while that may be confusing for some, if you need the XP Mode functionality from Virtual PC, you’re still welcome to use it in Windows 8 Pro. Client Hyper-V is a completely different animal.. • Slide to drag: With some Windows 8 user experiences, you can tap and hold an item and then drag it to a new location on-screen by swiping your finger slowly in whatever direction you wish to go. This action, which is commonly used for rearranging tiles on the new Windows 8 Start screen, can be seen in Figure 3 and is similar to using a mouse to drag an item around..