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are windows xp updates still available how windows time service works

While the available selection of Windows 8-compatible PCs and devices is ever-changing, there are two primary issues to consider when it comes to hardware. First, you’re going to need to choose between machines based on the new ARM platform and the more traditional, Intel-compatible platform. And second, since Windows 8 adds so many new hardware-based capabilities, you’ll want to understand what those are and whether the availability of any in a given PC or device will color your decision-making process.. Ultrabooks are obviously a huge improvement over traditional laptops but they suffer a bit when compared to tablets in certain situations. For example, Ultrabooks aren’t as personal as tablets and aren’t as easily used in casual situations, such as when you are sitting in bed. Fortunately, PC makers have created a range of hybrid devices that bridge this gap, offering the best of both product lines.. Yes, you can do this if you really want to. But there’s a better way.NOTE. We discuss the Devices charm, and Windows 8’s support for hardware peripherals, later in the chapter.. • Keyboard: Press Winkey + , (comma). Beyond the Start button and Peek, much of what you’ll see initially on the Windows desktop is identical, or nearly so, to the Windows 7 desktop. But with this being a new OS, there are indeed numerous other changes to discover. To find them, all you need to do is move the mouse around a bit or start clicking on things.. Other tabs are possible. For example, if you select an image file, you’ll see a Manage: Picture Tools tab appear. Select a disk and Drive: Disk Tools appears.. Figure 4-32: The choices you see here will vary according to the performance characteristics of your PC and the USB storage device. [Картинка: i_111.jpg]. Figure 6-4: Windows Store in semantic zoom view [Картинка: i_168.jpg]. Unfortunately, Windows 8 is oftentimes not configured in this way. And of course, you can change things yourself. So let’s look at some of the scenarios in which IE 10 Metro is not the default browser, and see what happens.You Change the Default Browser to IE 10 Desktop. Under the Lock screen apps area, you’ll see that Windows 8 allows you to configure up to seven Metro-style apps that can run in the background and provide quick status and notifications. But below that is a very interesting option: You can configure a single app to display detailed status information. If Calendar isn’t chosen here, click the “+” icon and choose Calendar from the pop-up list.. Once your location is available, Maps will then zoom into your current location, using a nice animation that’s the hallmark of Bing Maps across the web and various mobile implementations.All Over the Map: Navigating with Bing Maps. With Windows 8, you now have a wealth of riches when it comes to booting into the Windows Recovery Environment, or WinRE. Of course, you may not be feeling all that positive about things if you have to use these tools. Here are the various ways in which you can access WinRE.…With the System Recovery Drive. Remote Desktop and Remote Desktop Host. Figure 14-14: The Metro-style Remote Desktop app [Картинка: i_444.jpg].