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Choosing Windows 8 Versions, PCs and Devices, and HardwareIn This Chapter. A typical desktop PC is shown in Figure 1-4.. • Animation and motion: Interfaces come to life with animation and other motion, and in Metro these motions aren’t just fun to look at, they’re useful. Animation can also give the appearance of performance, though to be fair, Windows 8 performs so well it’s almost redundant.. Figure 3-6: The Start screen’s app bar [Картинка: i_046.jpg]. Finally, take note of the More PC Settings link at the bottom of the Settings pane. PC Settings is the Metro-style replacement for the Control Panel—though to be fair, you’ll still be accessing various control panels, too, as you’ll see throughout this book—and as such, it’s pretty darned important. We look at PC Settings in depth in Chapter 5.. • Multiple displays: This drop-down works much like the Second Screen pane described in the previous section. It lets you choose between the same four options, though they are annoyingly described somewhat differently: Duplicate these displays (Duplicate), Extend these displays (Extend), Show desktop only on 1 (PC screen only), and Show desktop only on 2 (Second screen only).Fine-Tuning Multi-Monitor Configuration. Figure 6-33: Your account [Картинка: i_197.jpg]. But most actions will work as expected in IE Metro. You can tap hyperlinks to access the underlying page, scroll with your finger, and so on. Here are some key navigational concerns you’ll want to know about in Internet Explorer for Metro.Home. Figure 7-23: You’re given the opportunity to rename the site before you pin it to the Start screen.

[Картинка: i_221.jpg]. Zoom is one of those features that makes IE 10 for Metro more palatable on a big screen display. Just set the zoom level to 140 or 160 percent and enjoy the big-screen goodness. You can see a typical zoomed website in Figure 7-28.. If you upgrade a Windows 7–based PC to Windows 8, you may notice that the IE tile on the Start screen is for the desktop version of IE 10 and not for the Metro version as expected. This is for the same reason as stated earlier, and you had configured a different browser as the default browser before upgrading. So Windows 8 hides IE 10 Metro. Again, to return IE as the default, you will need to access the Default Programs interface.. Like many other Metro-style apps, the People app supports the system-wide Search contract, so you can use this capability to find a particular contact whether you’re currently in the app or not.. The second place is in PC Settings, the new Metro-style control panel. If you access this interface (Winkey + C, Settings, More PC settings) and navigate to Personalize, Lock screen, as shown in Figure 8-38, you will see some pertinent settings for Calendar.. The following groups are available in Xbox Games.Gamertag. Figure 12-20: Task Manager now helps you disable boot-time applications. [Картинка: i_413.jpg].

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