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//:! :CopyRight.txt. //: C01:Rawp.cpp.   if (i != string::npos). You enable exceptions on a stream-by-stream basis, sinceexceptions( ) is a member function for streams. Theexceptions( ) function returns a bitmask[42] (of typeiostate, which is some compiler-dependent type convertible toint) indicating which stream states will cause exceptions. If those states have already been set, an exception is thrown immediately. Of course, if you use exceptions in connection with streams, you had better be ready to catch them, which means that you need to wrap all stream processing with atry block that has anios::failure handler. Many programmers find this tedious and just check states manually where they expect errors to occur (since, for example, they don’t expectbad( ) to returntrue most of the time anyway). This is another reason that having streams throw exceptions is optional and not the default. In any case, you can choose how you want to handle stream errors..   T data[N];  // Fixed capacity is N.     cout<< is[i]<< ' ';. // Full specialization for void*. template<>.   int operator()() {. Example. }.    b.f(); // calls Left::f().   } catch(ShapeFactory::BadShapeCreation e) {.     cout<< "NeedsCleanup "<< id<< endl;. 51.