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5. Templates in Depth. The distinguishing feature of«modern C++» is the broad power of templates. Templates are for more than just generic containers; they support development of robust, generic, high-performance libraries. There is a lot to know about templates—they constitute, as it were, a sub-language within the C++ language, and give the programmer an impressive degree of control over the compilation process. It is not an understatement to say that templates have revolutionized C++ programming..   try { f();. //{L} ReplaceAll. using namespace std;. } ///:~.     cout<<<< ' ';.   // Iterate over the unique values:. };. Putting a

feature in a base class might mean that, for the benefit of one particular class, all the other classes derived from that base require some meaningless stub for a pure virtual function. This makes the interface less clear and annoys those who must redefine pure virtual functions when they derive from that base class..   float wt;.   void erase() { cout<< "Square::erase\n"; }. };.       executor.execute(new LiftOff(10, i));. visitor pattern· 714. A phrase coined by Zack Urlocker..

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