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} // End anonymous namespace. #include.      << setiosflags(ios::showpoint).   size_t size() const {return count;}. struct Power {. Templates have gone far beyond simple type parameterization! When you combine argument type deduction, custom specialization, and template metaprogramming, C++ templates emerge as a powerful code generation mechanism.. A binder doesn’t have to produce a unarypredicate; it can also create any unaryfunction (that is, a function that returns something other thanbool). For example, suppose you’d like to multiply every element in avector by 10. Using a binder with thetransform( ) algorithm does the trick:..   print(v3, end, "set_difference", "");.   ifstream in("StreamIt.cpp");.   }.   X(char cc, int ii) : c(cc), i(ii) {}.   virtual void buildShock() = 0;.   }.   virtual int countObservers() {.   f.closeNotifier.addObserver(hb.closeObserver());.