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Most compilers use the–D flag to define macro names. (Substitute the name of your compiler’s executable formycc above.) The advantage of this approach is that you can leave your assertions in the source code as an invaluable bit of documentation, and yet there is no runtime penalty. Because the code in an assertion disappears whenNDEBUG is defined, it is important that younever do work in an assertion. Only test conditions that do not change the state of your program..   }. class FileClass {. public:. In general, ifcols is a factor ofk,k operations can be

performed each time the inner loop iterates, greatly reducing the overhead. The savings is only noticeable on large arrays, but that is precisely the case with industrial-strength mathematical computations.. int boundedRand() { return rand() % 100; }. #include.   print(l3, “l3”); print(l4, “l4”);.     pop_back();.   cout<< endl;.   Able a(7);. };.   virtual void clearChanged(){ changed = false; }.   // Synchronized calls, only one thread at a time allowed:. lazy initialization· 666.

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