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In the next screen, you’ll be prompted for your Microsoft account password. Enter the password for your existing Microsoft account or click Sign up for a Microsoft account to turn any e-mail address into a Microsoft account.. You will need a blank recordable DVD with a capacity of 4.7 GB or higher for this purpose.. Figure 3-15: Windows 7’s Start Menu Search [Картинка: i_055.jpg]. You can right-click the Back tip to see other options related to snapping applications in a side-by-side display, which is described shortly.. In Windows 8, everything is changing yet again. The Start experience is now a full-screen Start screen, though if it helps you to think of it as a Start menu, there’s some logic to that. And Start now acts as a toggle, which is another difference: Activate it from the desktop, or from a Metro-style app, and you’ll navigate to the Start screen. But activate Start from the Start screen and you will return to the previously used app (including the desktop).. More Efficient Multi-Monitor. If you’re quick enough, you can click (or tap) that initial download message and view the Installing Apps screen. This screen, shown in Figure 6-21, provides a progress bar for the app download and install process.. Sharing Files from SkyDrive. Photos and Camera actually work fine without a Microsoft account, go figure, but as you’ll see, you will need to sign into various online services to use Photos to its fullest. But Microsoft’s new Metro-style entertainment apps, Xbox Music and Xbox Video (and the related Xbox Companion) do require you to sign-in with a Microsoft account to be used effectively.. As with elsewhere in the book, we focus only on new features in Windows 8, and not on functionality that remains unchanged from previous Windows versions. Again, the assumption is that you know how to use Windows and want to get up to speed on the new stuff.. First, Media Center is not available on Windows RT or the base version of Windows 8, which is called Windows 8 Core. Instead, you must have Windows 8 Pro before you can get Media Center.. • Remove (drive): If you have two or more disks being used for a storage space, you will see a Remove link next to each. If you click this, the drive is removed from the pool and the space, is formatted, and will reappear in File Explorer with a new drive letter. If you remove the last drive associated with a pool, that pool will be removed as well.. This notification alerts you that the PC Reset process will delete all of your personal settings, files, and apps.. • Understanding how cellular data networks work and how they are different from other network types. Not scared off?.