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can a class implement multiple interfaces class quiz games with quizizz

  void f() {. } ///:~. The main program validates the command-line arguments and then reads the input file a line at a time, looking for the special source code delimiters. The Boolean flaginCode indicates that the program is in the middle of a source file, so lines should be output. TheprintDelims flag will be true if the opening token is not followed by an exclamation point; otherwise the first and last lines are not written. It is important to check for the closing delimiter first, because the start token is a subset of it, and searching for the start token first would return a successful find for both cases. If we encounter the closing token, we verify that we are in the middle of processing a source file; otherwise, something is wrong with the way the delimiters are laid out in the text file. IfinCode is true, all is well, and we (optionally) write the last line and close the file. When the opening token is found, we parse the directory and file name components and open the file. The followingstring-related functions were used in this example:length( ),append( ),getline( ),find( ) (two versions),find_first_not_of( ),substr( ),find_first_of( ),c_str( ), and, of course,operator<<( )..     }.   assure(data, "data.txt");.   transform(s.begin(),s.end(),s.begin().   int operator()() {.     b[i] = 0;. #include. class BicycleBuilder {.   }. } ///:~. };. bytes, reading raw· 191. Thestable_sort(В ) algorithm usesmergesort, which is indeed stable, but tends to run slower thanquicksort on average..