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can a server get a virus server fire

Let’s keep the conversation going! We’re on Twitter: CHAPTER 2: Configuring storage. volume— Sets the volume with which to work.. ? Next Run TimeThe status of Shadow Copy as Disabled, or the next time a shadow copy of the volume will be created. 2.Press and hold or right-click the folder with which you want to work, and then tap or click Properties to display a Properties dialog box.. NOTEThe Audit Privilege Use policy doesn’t track system access-related events, such as the use of the right to log on interactively or the right to access the computer from the network. You track these events with logon and logoff auditing.. 4.Double-tap or double-click Specify Default Quota Limit And Warning Level. In the dialog box shown in Figure 4–6, select Enabled.. 3.On the Settings tab, set the template name, limit, and quota type. You should create a limit threshold first, and then create additional warning thresholds as necessary. In the Limit list, enter the limit value and specify whether you are setting the limit in kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, or terabytes.. 1.DHCP servers should be assigned a static IPv4 and IPv6 address on each subnet to which they are connected and will service. Be sure that the server has static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.. 5.If you set the failover mode for Load Balance, use the Load Balance Percentage combo boxes to specify the relative percentage for how to allocate the IP addresses to each of the servers. Here are configuration examples:. 3.On every authoritative DNS server in the forest now and in the future, you need to enter the following at an elevated shell prompt:. 9.When you install Distributed Scan Server, you’ll get a notification that additional configuration is required. Select the link provided to open Scan Management, which you can use to specify scanners to manage. In Scan Management, expand the Scan Management node in the left pane, press and hold or right-click the Managed Scanners node, and then select Manage to open the Add Or Remove Scanners dialog box. Use the Add Or Remove Scanners dialog box to identify the distributed scanners in your organization.. 7.The next page lets you review the settings. When you’re ready to complete the installation, tap or click Next.. In Print Management, you can view existing filters by expanding the Custom Filters node. If you expand the Custom Filters node and then select a filter, the main pane shows all printers or print drivers that match the filter criteria. Print Management includes the following default printer filters:. NOTEWindows Server Backup and the backup command-line tools are available only for management of backups when you add the Windows Server Backup feature to a server. If you add server administration tools to a server, you might be able to open Windows Server Backup. however, you won’t be able to use Windows Server Backup to configure and manage backups..