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Removable disks support network file and folder sharing. You configure sharing on removable disks in the same way you configure standard file sharing. You can assign share permissions, configure caching options for offline file use, and limit the number of simultaneous users. You can share an entire removable disk as well as individual folders stored on the removable disk. You can also create multiple share instances.. To help you differentiate between primary partitions and extended partitions with logical drives, Disk Management color codes the partitions. For example, primary partitions might be color coded with a dark-blue band and logical drives in extended partitions might be color coded with a light-blue band. The key for the color scheme is shown at the bottom of the Disk Management window. You can change the colors in the Settings dialog box by choosing Settings from the View menu.. 7.Tap or click Next, and then tap or click Finish.. The options and switches for Check Disk are used as follows:. REAL WORLDWhen you apply disk quotas, you need to be particularly careful in the way you enforce quotas, especially with respect to system accounts, service accounts, or other special purpose accounts. Improper application of disk quotas to these types of accounts can cause serious problems that are difficult to diagnose and resolve. enforcing quotas on the System, NetworkService, and LocalService accounts could prevent the computer from completing important operating system tasks. As an example, if these accounts reach their enforced quota limit, you would not be able to apply changes to Group Policy because the Group Policy client runs within a LocalSystem context by default and would not be able to write to the system disk. If the service can’t write to the system disk, Group Policy changes cannot be made, and being unable to change Group Policy could have all sorts of unexpected consequences because you would be

stuck with the previously configured settings. For example, you would be unable to disable or modify the quota settings through Group Policy.. FIGURE 5-10 Change a policy setting in the database before applying the template.. Tapping or clicking Change Adapter Settings displays the Network Connections page, which you can use to manage network connections. Tapping or clicking Change Advanced Sharing Settings provides options for configuring the computer’s sharing and discovery settings for each network profile. To manage a profile, expand the profile’s view panel by tapping or clicking the Expand button (showing a down arrow), tap or click the setting with which you want to work, and then tap or click Save Changes. To turn on or off network discovery, tap or click Turn On Network Discovery or Turn Off Network Discovery as appropriate, and then tap or click Save Changes.. 3.If the IPv4 address is available, the client configures the NIC with this address. The client then attempts to contact a DHCP server, sending out a broadcast every five minutes to the network. When the client successfully contacts a server, the client obtains a lease and reconfigures the network interface.. Understanding DNS [Картинка: pic_19.png]. 9.Tap or click Next, and then tap or click Finish to complete the process. The new zone is added to the server, and basic DNS records are created automatically.. 4.In the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) For Target Host text box, enter. 5.Tap or click OK twice.. [Картинка: img69d9.jpg]. FIGURE 10-3Printers located by the wizard are listed by name and IP address.. 1.In Print Management, expand the Print Servers node and the node for the server with which you want to work..

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